Why I developed the online infidelity search tool
Infidelity broke my heart. I was devastated when I discovered my partner was cheating, and I thought “There has to be a way for people to protect themselves from deception.”
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
5 Ways to Catch a Cheater, Without Becoming a Stalker.
Too many relationships fail because of infidelity. It is important to know if you are overreacting due to your own insecurities, or if there is cause for alarm. Below are a few steps you can follow if you fear partner may be involved with someone else.
Victoria 2019-03-18
The Truth About Infidelity: what defines a cheater.
Does thinking about being with someone other than your partner constitute adultery?
Victoria 2019-03-18
The F-Word: the Key to Making Up
To forgive you don’t have to forget. If you can forgive, focus on the fun and cultivate your friendship, then you can save your relationship if you both want to. The better we know ourselves, the better our chances of finding someone we can build a life with.
Victoria 2019-03-18
Your cheatin’ heart or cheating voice?
Even our tone of voice can reveal a weakness for infidelity. We can choose whether or not to be a cheater.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Liar liar pants on fire!
We do not only lie to each other, we do it to ourselves too. Read on to learn the truth about lying.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Making Up Is Hard To Do
Whether you make up or break up after cheating is up to you. Relationships are difficult because we are human, and humans have egos. When sex is involved things get even more complicated.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Married and Faithful?
Commitment and desire will make you and your partner happy and keep cheating away!
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Poachers in the Mating Jungle
It is a scientific fact that mate poaching contributes to cheating. Learn strategies to know whether your partner is someone else's prey!
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23