10 telltale signs your tinder match is a cheater

Are you looking for a perfect match that can meet all your expectations? Well, there are so many online dating apps to choose from. 

Among the list of those apps, you may have heard about the well-known online dating app Tinder. It is a great platform to find a connection that matches your criteria. By applying the filter on age, region, or gender, you can narrow down your search to what is close to your ideal type.

10 Signs Your Tinder Match is a Cheater!

Tinder is a great alternative to traditional dating settings, where people have to make an effort to meet a person and then know about them. Also, options are limited in conventional dating as you can’t just simply scroll the profiles and make instant decisions. So, we can say that Tinder has saved us time by giving us a medium to build connections and meet our potential matches without worrying about geographical location and backgrounds.

With pros come cons. Despite being a great platform, it can’t give you 100 percent security. You have to take charge of your safety. On the quest to find an ideal match, don’t lower your guard. Whenever you meet anyone from an online dating app like Tinder, ensure that that person's behavior is the same as they show online. If there is any disparity, then you may be encountering a cheater. This blog discusses the signs that may help you to know if your Tinder match is a cheater.

Reveals Contradictory Tales

Suppose your match tells you different personal tales or facts about themselves during exchanges. In that case, it may be a clue that they are not completely honest about their life's events, history, or current situation. A cheater expresses different plans for the future in various talks, which means they aren't being sincere with their intentions. If your match expresses contradictory thoughts, they may want to modify their responses to what they believe you want to hear.

Reluctant to Disclose Details

If the Tinder profile search of a person doesn't give you any clue about their background, it means they are not interested in disclosing their details. If you ask them about anything, they may shift the conversation away from personal matters like careers, hobbies, or family. When you inquire about your match's interests, past experiences, or aspirations for the future, they may give vague or hazy responses. They may use humor to respond to direct questions about their life.

Disappears Out of Nowhere

If your Tinder match repeatedly disappears, avoids touch, or abruptly cuts off the connection, then there is a need to think about this matter. They may have been attracted to you initially, but now they have found another potential match.

Flirts Like a Pro

A cheater may compliment you profusely to elevate your ego. To swiftly win your confidence and attention, they may use flattering speech. They are the masters in building emotional connections so they don't feel like strangers. They may have in-depth, intimate discussions in which they disclose vulnerable information about themselves to create a feeling of intimacy. They send humorous messages, emojis, or digital presents that spark interest and engagement.

Maintains Silence on the Nature of the Relationship

To avoid commitment, accountability, or disclosing their genuine intentions, a cheater on a Tinder date might remain silent about the nature of the connection. This lack of openness can be a warning sign and cast doubt on their sincerity. A cheater may purposefully avoid using terms like "dating," "exclusive," or "relationship" to keep their options open and avoid committing to just one person. When asked about the nature of the relationship, a cheater may give evasive or ambiguous answers to avoid delivering a direct response.

Conceals the Relationship Status on Social Platforms

Suppose your Tinder match hides the relationship on every social platform, like Facebook and Instagram, and doesn't want you to tag them on any posts related to you. In that case, it is a clear red flag that your match doesn't want your relationship to be discovered by others.

Shows Active Presence on Other Dating Apps

While conversing with your match, if you see that they are getting a lot of notifications or messages on their phone from other dating apps, it means they have not said goodbye to those apps. In that case, your match can bring up their interactions or experiences with other dating apps to redirect the focus of your current discussion.

Displays Behavioral Change Around Friends

If your Tinder match doesn't accept that you are dating and ignores you in the presence of friends, especially of the opposite sex, it is a red flag. If they start acting too flirtatious or affectionate with others while you're around, it indicates they're not as dedicated to your connection. In a group, they may divert conversations away from private or intimate subjects to avoid exposing inconsistencies. It might raise questions if there are apparent gaps in how your match behaves with others and how they interact with you.

Maintains Secrecy

They share a few or only specific photos, excluding those that might reveal details about their identity or way of life. If your Tinder match gives inconsistent details or presents varying narratives to different individuals to keep the truth from being discovered, then it is suspicious.

Avoids Introducing You to Others

A Tinder match who plans on cheating on you will avoid introducing you to others, especially family members. They may not invite you to social events, meetings, or group activities where you might meet their close companions or acquaintances. They may choose not to tag you in pictures or mention you on social media. If they interact with several people on dating apps, they may refrain from introducing you to them so their interactions don't overlap.

Wrapping Up!

It's important to note that not everyone using Tinder is a cheater and that many people use it to make sincere connections. So, be cautious while using this app.

In online dating, where potential risks and real connections coexist, It's crucial to protect yourself from a Tinder match that is cheating on you. Although there are no hidden agendas in all interactions, being proactive and attentive might help you move around the platform more confidently. So, how can you search for people on Tinder? It’s pretty simple. Build a profile and look for your ideal match. After conversing for a while, you can go on an offline date, and don’t forget to keep a check on your partner's behavior.

According to relationship psychologist Jennifer Pearson, apps like Tinder make dating easier but also put people at risk. "Having said that, keep in mind that not all inconsistencies or behaviors indicate dishonesty. When you make assumptions based on these signs, it can cause confusion and mistrust that isn't necessary. It's important to keep an open mind about relationships, remembering that people do things for a variety of reasons, and talking things out is the best way to clear up any questions or concerns."

You know your Tinder match is a cheater if you notice these signs. iFindCheaters is a platform that helps you keep an eye on your match. If you want to track down the social activity of your match, feel free to use this platform.

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