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Catch cheating spouse through text messages

The new place to meet people is online, even for “booty calls”, that is why iFindCheaters offers you a way to find social media profiles by email address. Our service searches across social media platforms, adult mobile chat, and hook-up apps to identify activity related to the name and email address you enter. Creating an account on our website is free and easy to do:

  1. Click “Sign Up” at the top right corner of the home page.
  2. Enter your first and last name so we can personalize your experience.
  3. Choose a username and password.
  4. Tell us your gender, age range, and relationship status so we can serve you better.
  5. Then accept the terms of use and privacy policy, check the Captcha to prove you are human and click on submit.


You will receive a confirmation email so you can activate your account and you will be all set to catch cheating spouse text messages! After your account is active you can enter your partner’s full name, first and last, and the email address you suspect they are using on social media and mobile chat apps. Our algorithms search across a broad spectrum of popular platforms and texting applications. If there are active accounts related to your partner’s name or email address they will be found.

Cheaters like to hide in plain sight, and smart phones and free WiFi have made that easier than ever. You would be surprised how many people are busted cheating on facebook for instance. If you cannot see somebody’s screen you cannot tell whether they are texting for work or sexting with a potential lover – our service provides you ways to find out!

About 95% of cheaters text messages. It is quick, easy, cheap and adds a sense of secrecy that is a turn on for many people. Remember when you were a kid passing notes at school? Well, texting is more or less the same thing – but it is a lot harder for the “teacher” to catch you. Even if you could check boyfriends’ text messages, cheaters’ texts may not even appear sexual, anything can become innuendo, like a secret lovers’ code. There are some tell-tale signs you should be aware of…

Does your partner:

  • Stare at their phone all the time but hide it whenever you are near?
  • Avoid answering questions about who messages are from or their online activity?
  • Accuse you of flirting with others or hiding activity online?

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Those could all be indicators that your partner is on the verge or may already be cheating and deflecting the blame onto you. iFindCheaters provides you several tools for exposing cheaters online. Whether your relationship is new, or you have been together for years our services are designed to help you protect yourself from heartbreak. There are a number of ways of catching a cheating spouse with text messages. Our site also offers you useful information in our blog articles and E-Books created especially to help you arm yourself against infidelity.

Support groups for cheating spouses chat about how infidelity makes them feel. iFindCheaters offers you a proactive service to become more aware, so there will not be a “next time”. In just a few minutes you can find social media profiles by email that your husband or wife might be using to meet others. If you are not married, girlfriend cheating text messages and boyfriend cheating text messages are just as common. The question you should be asking is what you can do to protect yourself from getting hurt and build the committed relationship that you deserve.



“I was tired of my all-time-being in smartphone boyfriend. And from the lie, which he told me about that. About work, games and others. After using the service everything became clear”

By JudyAngel82 on 02/28/20

Because we want you to feel confident in the service, we offer a free trial for selected platforms so you can see how it works before you buy. You may need only one search credit to get the answers you are looking for and put your mind at ease. You are in control and can buy as few or as many credits you need. So if you want to catch a cheating spouse text messages are one way you can do it. iFindCheaters was created to be your relationship watchdog. We listen to our customers to constantly improve and expand the services we offer. Your happiness is important to us, that is why we provide you the tools you need to remove doubt and feel confident about who you are giving your heart to.

Ignorance is never bliss, it only defers pain. Knowing sooner than later means that you can fight for your relationship if you believe it is worth saving. It also means you can walk away without remorse if the time has come to move on. We are here for you 24/7 and encourage you to share your story. It could help others avoid a broken heart!

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