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Feels good to know it’s real. Now I can open up and be myself.

By Rique29 on 05/31/20

He wouldn’t tell me why our bank balance was so low. I can understand porn occasionally, but he was binge watching live sex cams! Talk about throwing money away, I stopped that nonsense.

By Margarite C. on 05/03/20

He was married!!! Made a lot of big talk but something just seemed off, so I used the Listing Locator. Glad I found out now instead of later.

By Aaliya J. on 04/11/20

Got the info that kept me from making a big mistake. Just do it.

By MXFX1991 on 02/09/20

We’d been living together for a few months when she started telling me she had all these business meetings in the city till late. Thanks to Tinder Blaster I found out those meetings weren’t for business.

By Theo X. on 01/17/20

I was so happy, but my parents kept nagging me not to commit till I was sure. IFindCheaters proved I was right!

By Patricia Q. on 06/29/19

I was played bad a couple of times in the past. With just a couple clicks I can protect myself now. Thanks!

By Don S. on 06/05/19

After my divorce I was afraid to start dating again but a friend told me about iFindCheaters. I was skeptical, but when I saw how easy it was to see who I was really meeting I felt a lot more confidant.

By Gwen P. on 03/25/19

Seems too good to be true? Check that out. Better safe than sorry!

By Tamara N. on 02/14/19

It was such a relief that you can buy just 1 search credit and use it however you want. No obligation or pressure.

By Lee K. on 12/20/18

She hadn’t said anything about having kids. That is the sort of thing you should let someone know.

By Susan H. on 11/07/18