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Tinder blaster for profiles search

Tinder is different from standard dating sites, social media platforms or other adult chat or hook-up apps. It provides its users a way of capitalizing on relatively small windows of time to meet up with people in specific geographic locations. It is basically a hunting app for erotic opportunists. iFindCheaters created Tinder Blaster so that you can find a Tinder profile and monitor it for recent activity.

If you suspect your partner may be using Tinder to meet people for sex, then Tinder Blaster is just what you need. This service provides a way for you to lookup someone on Tinder, search Tinder profiles, or perform a Tinder person search. With our unique search tool you can not only search on Tinder but find Tinder users by name.


We offer two ways to find Tinder users:

  1. With our Tinder Blaster Basic plan you enter your partner’s name, age, and specific location to search Tinder profiles of active users with characteristics that match your partner’s. If your partner has an active profile use the profile update option to view their Tinder ID, all photos and profile info.
  2. With the Tinder Blaster Extended option you enter the age range your partner might be using and scan activity within a wide location radius. This is the surest way to find a profile on Tinder. If your partner’s profile is active the profile update option reveals their Tinder ID, all photos and profile info.

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Tinder Blaster is fast, simple to use, and you can perform a basic search on Tinder for only 1 search credit. The Tinder Blaster Extended option, which allows you to search Tinder users of a range of ages and sweep a broad activity area, only requires 2 search credits so the service is very economical.

Do not be discouraged if you want to search a name on a Tinder account lookup is easier than it seems. By entering your partner’s info you allow the algorithms to search Tinder profiles by email also.

Even if you are unsure of the age or activity area your partner may be using you can also find someone on Tinder by email address. Other options are Tinder lookup by name or Tinder lookup by phone number. We are often asked if we can provide the user’s login information – the answer to that is no. That would be against the law. We can reveal the profile because when someone creates a profile online the material they put in that profile becomes public, but their password access is private.

When you search names on tinder it can be tricky, but there is one thing you can count on. The Achilles’ heel of Tinder for users who are cheating on a committed partner is that it is photo based and review driven. Even if your partner is using a fake name, or circulating in areas you have never gone together, you can lookup Tinder photos which have to be clear and show the user’s face. If they are misrepresenting themselves in their pictures they will be called on it.



“We’d been living together for a few months when she started telling me she had all these business meetings in the city till late. Thanks to Tinder Blaster’s Tinder account search I found out those meetings weren’t for business.”

By Theo X on 07/14/20

“I did a search by name on Tinder and saw he was using the nickname I had given him as his Tinder username! Glad to let that one go.”

By Maddie F. on 01/13/20

Whatever your relationship commitment level, it is still a great idea to know who you are involved with. Using our tool to do a Tinder people search is a great way to start. Even if they are not actively on the market to meet new people right now, you can learn a lot from seeing what other site/platform/app users had to say about them and what Tinder users search they have done. It may seem overwhelming to look up Tinder profiles but remember that even if a Tinder name search does not take you right to your person of interest the photos will not lie.

iFindCheaters is constantly working to develop new products and services to protect our valued customers from heartbreak. Each new gimmick the online ‘meet market’ comes out with inspires our development team to find new ways to detect activity. Tinder Blaster was one of those innovations, allowing you to search Tinder profiles and discover if your partner is actively seeking to meet new people. This Tinder finder service is just one more way we help you find the happy and committed relationship you deserve.

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