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Even potential employers run a Google search on prospective employees to see what they post online. Doesn’t it make sense for you to find out as much as you can about someone before you give them your heart? iFindCheaters created their Listing Locator service to show you much more than Google can. With one simple search you can verify identities, lookup marital status and much more.


Listing Locator allows you to search in different ways and get verification of the information your boyfriend or girlfriend has given you. You can search by name, search by phone number, search by email or physical address. Once you have entered your partner’s information the service will verify your partner’s identity, show you the names of individuals legally related to them or living at the same address, phone numbers or other email addresses registered to their name.

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Technology has made many things easier; it is easier to meet people and easier to cheat. If you are in a new relationship it makes sense to find out what websites an email is registered to. With Listing Locator you can lookup whether your boyfriend or girlfriend has other email addresses or phone numbers they use. With that verification you can search online accounts by email.



He was married!!! Made a lot of big talks but something just seemed off, so I used the Listing Locator. Glad I found out now instead of later.

By Aaliya J. on 07/09/20

Got the info that kept me from making a big mistake. Just do it.

By MXFX1991 on 11/03/20

She hadn’t said anything about having kids. That is the sort of thing you should let someone know.

By Susan H. on 05/08/20

We are often asked if it is possible to catch a cheater by cell phone. The answer is yes, even if someone uses more than one number to activate the SIM card they will need to give a valid ID. As such if that phone number has been used to access apps or sites our different search services can find those accounts. If you use a Listing Locator search to verify your partner’s name and discover that they have not been honest about information they have given you then be extra cautious.

Another question we receive is if there is a website listing cheaters. Not exactly. Once you have verified your partner’s addresses we can find all sites email registered. While there are quite a few email search sites out there iFindCheaters is the only one that offers so many different search products in one location. Our Ultimate plan allows you to do it all, get bundles of search credits for all of our services at great savings.

Some folks ask why they can’t find an email address for free by name using our free trial. While we do offer a free trial search showing results on selected sites the expense involved to verify your partner’s email addresses is too high for us to offer that in the sample. As mentioned above you can find all sites email registered using our services.

With so many scammers and serial daters out there it is reasonable to take precautions. When asked what the best way to verify your partner’s identity is we always recommend Listing Locator as the first step. Once you know whether the information they have given you is true you will feel more confident and have many options for learning more.

To verify identities is the first step to putting your mind at ease. After that if you want to be extra sure you can use one of our other services to find all profiles linked to email address. You have the right to search online accounts by email, and in the process you might even catch a cheater by cell phone.

We designed our free trial showing results for selected dating and alternative lifestyle sites or social media to show you the system works before you buy any search credits. After you run the free trial all it takes is one search credit to see all of the results for the services you selected. We understand your desire to verify your partner’s information and lookup their online activity. We’ve had our hearts broken, we don’t want yours to be. iFindCheaters your relationship watchdog.

What are you waiting for?

Discover peace of mind now!