24 signs of long term relationships compatibility

A recent study published in Personality and Individual Differences sheds light on the role of compatibility in sustaining relationships, challenging the popular notion of "opposites attract."Contrary to the belief that finding a partner means finding someone identical to ourselves, researchers Zsófia Csajbók and Peter Jonason assert that compatibility, like love, encompasses a wide array of factors.


Csajbók explains, "It has long been observed that couples tend to share more similarities than differences across various traits. However, little research has been conducted on the specific characteristics that are most crucial for compatibility."

To address this gap, the researchers enlisted 274 Italian adults to participate in a concise online survey. Participants were asked to prioritize 153 characteristics (e.g., morals, humor, intelligence) they would ideally share with their romantic partner, considering both long-term and short-term relationships.

Csajbók clarifies, "Traditionally, when we inquire about desired partner traits, we receive anywhere from two to a maximum of fourteen factors, depending on the research method employed. However, this time, the question was different. We focused on relationship compatibility and how well couples would function together."

The results yielded a list of 24 compatibility dimensions that ranked higher than others. They include:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Opinions
  3. Emotions
  4. Origins
  5. Sociality
  6. Romanticism
  7. Morals
  8. Family
  9. Food
  10. Sensation
  11. Class
  12. Religion
  13. Conformity
  14. Leisure
  15. Appearance
  16. Job
  17. Conflict
  18. Empathy
  19. Humor
  20. Residence
  21. Speech
  22. Intellect
  23. Enthusiasm
  24. Activity

The study also revealed additional insights, such as:

  • The most crucial compatibility aspect was sharing similar viewpoints on significant topics like sexism, abortion, the death penalty, and gender roles.
  • In general, participants desired greater similarity in characteristics relevant to raising children.
  • While long-term relationship seekers sought compatibility in lifestyle, morals, and food preferences, intellectual and physical appearance compatibility emerged as essential primarily in short-term relationships.
  • Men showed a preference for partners with similar activities and emotions, while women leaned towards individuals with comparable lifestyles, opinions, morals, conformity levels, appearance, and empathy.
  • If you feel motivated to seek a partner who aligns with your priorities, Csajbók offers a simple yet effective piece of advice: engage in activities you genuinely enjoy.

"By doing things you already love," she explains, "you are more likely to encounter individuals who share your interests and compatibility. This approach is particularly advantageous in the long run since you won't have to force yourself into activities you don't genuinely enjoy."

Frequenting places that cater to your interests, such as the gym, book clubs, or concerts, and connecting with like-minded individuals is a wise strategy. To illustrate this point, Csajbók provides two contrasting dating scenarios:

Sara. Although Sara isn't particularly fond of hiking, she joins a hiking club to meet someone. During one of these outings, she meets Tim. Unbeknownst to Tim, he assumes Sara loves hiking due to their shared activity. However, Sara is unhappy with their hiking dates as she never had an affinity for hiking in the first place.

Rob. On the other hand, Rob adores cooking and enrols in an advanced cooking class. It is there that he meets Lisa, and they quickly discover a deeper connection. Starting their relationship with a shared activity allows them to build a solid foundation, creating cherished memories. Cooking becomes a long-term shared interest that helps them get through rough times in their relationship.

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