5 signs your partner is lying

Searching online to see if your partner might be lying? Quite a strange feeling, right? Some say if you're at this point, it's too late and you should have left the relationship long ago. But don’t give up until it’s your only choice left!

Couples often don't want to say when things aren't going well, whether it's because of problems with money, feelings, performance, or all of these. Things like this might not get fixed because they don't want to fight or are scared of being alone. Yes, lying about not having problems is a lie that hurts you emotionally over time.


Although, what you're seeing could be real signs of lying or just misunderstandings. Being able to tell the difference could affect the future of your relationship, so you need to be very careful about what you decide – that's why learning the signs of deception is so important.


Quite an obvious thing: to spot lies, you need to know how someone normally acts. If their behavior changes, they might be stressed, possibly because they're not telling the truth.

Maybe they're canceling plans more often or acting more distant. They might even be extra affectionate in a way that feels strange. If your partner starts acting differently, it could be a sign that something is up.

"Notice changes in behavior, it always means something" said Wilda Harrison, a relationship expert and marriage counselor.


Another obvious fact you shouldn’t ignore. If your partner says they're going to be somewhere but shows up on Instagram at a different place, it means their plans changed... or they just weren't honest from the start.

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People who lie won't often own up to their mistake; instead, they change the subject or put the blame on someone else. They might try to avoid giving direct answers and quickly change the subject. Always pay attention to their body language; they often avoid eye contact or move different.

Vague responses are another sign. If your partner isn't telling you the truth, they'll not respond to your questions and may even disappear for a while if you confront them. They might use a meme or something else to avoid the conversation.


Toxic partners may make you feel guilty for questioning them, and that's not healthy. They often manipulate you into ignoring their lies to avoid consequences – that’s what studies say.

“I dated a man who initially said sorry when he was caught lying, but when I told him about the behavior again, he made me feel bad for bringing it up. I finally saw this pattern and ended the relationship because I knew the guilt trips were just a way to avoid being responsible,” said Wilda Harrison.


If your partner’s stories about their past relationships don't make sense or keep changing, it’s a huge red flag. People who lie often have to keep making up excuses, and their tales might become overly detailed or far-fetched.

“They keep adding new details each time they recount an event; if you ask where they were at a specific time, and instead of a simple answer, they give you a long-winded story that changes over time,” notes Harrison.

That’s it, all the main signs of deception in a relationship. If you’re not sure, or still got questions how to catch a cheating gf, check out this tool.

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