first date anxiety 5 reasons tips to cope

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Feeling anxious before a first date is totally normal. I mean, you can't predict how things will go, unless you have a time-traveling device somewhere.

I feel you: you're basically diving into the unknown, trying to figure out if you and this person click. If you're too nervous, you might not act like yourself, and that's what your date does too! The result? Both of you can't really tell if you are a good match.


Starting a new romantic journey? Exciting thing, really! The idea of a first date often brings a mix of emotions, like those nervous feelings, right?

So, why do we feel so nervous before a first date? There are a few reasons, like the way we think and what we worry about.

Let's try to understand the reasons and learn to deal with those nerves better:


One big reason for first-date nerves is the fear of being judged. Please, get me right: it's OK to want to be liked, but this fear can make us overthink everything we do or say.


Yes, sometimes we get nervous before social situations because we are afraid of the other person's reaction. Or simply because we are unsure of how the conversation will go.


The uncertainty about how things will go and if we'll click with the other person adds to our nerves.

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We can get caught up in thoughts, imagining the worst possible outcomes. This pessimistic thinking can make us even more anxious, taking away from the excitement of meeting someone new.

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To help you out, we brought five things you can do with your mindset before that first date.


Feeling nervous before a first date is normal, just like prepping for public speaking. Each date is unique because every person you meet is different. It's okay to feel unsure for various reasons.

Jennifer Pearson suggests being present and compassionate with yourself: "Take time to ground yourself before the date: go for a walk, deep breathe, or write down your thoughts."


Well, making a good first impression really matters. Prioritize personal hygiene, wear clothes that make you feel confident, and use your favorite scent. Remember, it's about being comfortable, not overly focused on how others perceive you.


Most first dates revolve around conversation. Stay curious about your date and yourself. Open-ended questions spark meaningful discussions and help you understand each other better.

Friedman advises asking questions that lead to storytelling rather than simple yes or no answers. Focus on connecting rather than interviewing.


Understand what you want from the date — are you seeking a serious relationship or something casual? Knowing your goals helps you communicate with your date. Like Jennifer Pearson warns, "Guessing or playing games won't lead to genuine connections."


The most crucial aspect of a first date is being yourself. Authenticity fosters genuine connections and ensures compatibility in the long run.

Try not to pretend to be someone else, as it can lead to mismatches and wasted time. Embrace who you are, whether the date goes well or not. Worried that your date is not who she’s pretending to be? Then, try to do a dating sites female scammer pictures search. Otherwise, this service can help you find social media by phone number!

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