how to catch a cheating husband

When gossip sites and social media spread news about what a star has done wrong, the online world goes crazy. The recent case of NBA player Tristan Thompson and his pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian shows this well. Those annoying reporters caught Thompson in compromising situations with women who were not Khloe Kardashian. Following the birth of her daughter, ironically named True, Khloe has broken her silence and addressed the media's scrutiny.


Do Men Cheat More?

Most of the research on gender differences in cheating points to one answer: yes, men do seem to be more likely to cheat. According to the Institute for Family Studies, about 20% of married men have cheated at least once, while only 13% of married women have done so.

Also, the numbers show that the likelihood of cheating changes with age. For example, men and women between the ages of 18 and 39 cheat at about the same rate. But once guys reach 40, they cheat on their partners much more often than women. Overall, it seems like guys are more likely to cheat on their partners than women.

Why Men Cheat?

There are many reasons why men cheat on their partners. Robert Weiss of Psychology Today says that there are many things at play, such as:

  • Being emotionally immature
  • Unrealistic ideals of how a partner should act or look
  • Being self-centered

However, cheating is a choice that people make on purpose. Often, the person whose partner has cheated on them wrongly blames themselves for what their partner did. In fact, this is the furthest thing from the truth.

Is He Cheating?

If you're grappling with the question "Is he cheating?" it's probable that your intuition has been triggered. Trusting your instincts is always wise.

We recently delved into the classic indicators that a partner might be cheating, some of which include:

  • Emotional distance
  • Extended work hours or increased socializing
  • Diminished physical intimacy
  • Alterations in appearance
  • Excessive phone usage for texting

If you've detected any of these behaviors, you're likely pondering your next course of action.

Given that your significant other is unlikely to be a celebrity chased by TMZ, the onus rests on you to uncover the truth.

A bit of research is the best way to catch a cheater. If their gaze has been fixed on their phone screen or you've stumbled upon unfamiliar numbers within a shared phone plan, a simple search of these unknown phone numbers could reveal names, locations, and more.

If this method doesn't work, you could look up their email address using iFindCheaters online service. This could make public any social media profiles linked to that email address, including those on dating sites. A shocking 10% of relationships start online. They could be talking to someone on a dating site or keeping a secret Facebook account.

A Fresh Start

A story where wife catches husband cheating may seem sad, but for most women, it's the first step to a happy, healthier future. Let that trip start today for free.

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