how to find out if someone is cheating 7 red flags

Finding signs of cheating is still a painful truth for a lot of people every day. No matter who is involved or when it happens, the signs of cheating are always the same. If you know how to spot these signs of cheating, you might be able to deal with a bad situation and save yourself months or even years of mental pain. Read the following tips to learn how to find out if your wife is cheating.


Ways to Catch a Cheater: 7 Signs of an Affair

First of all, you shouldn't feel bad about having doubts. If you're worried that your partner might be cheating on you, it's because something has changed in them or in your relationship, setting off your intuition. Now more than ever, you need to trust your gut, because it's up to you to become your own detective. Here are seven common signs of infidelity and adultery that you should look out for as you learn how to catch a cheater:

1. Distanced Behavior

One of the most common red flags is a noticeable emotional detachment. Whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, their emotional connection might seem to be dwindling. They become quiet, unenthusiastic, or disinterested around you, and the excitement that once greeted you fades away.

2. Increased Absences

Cheaters often require time and space to nurture another relationship. They might claim to be working late or hanging out with friends. Push them for specifics about their activities or the individuals they're meeting, and observe their reactions. Contradictory responses or defensive behavior could be signs that something is wrong.

3. Intimacy Wanes

A marked decrease in physical intimacy, such as reduced affection, hugs, and kisses, or a noticeable drop in your sexual activity, can be a strong indicator that something is wrong and your partner may be unfaithful.

4. Heightened Focus on Appearance

When cheating partners want to impress a new love interest, they may go to great steps to change their appearance. If they quickly change their look in a big way, like getting frosted hair, facial hair, or flashy clothes, that could be a big hint. If you look at their shopping records, you might find things they bought that you haven't seen yet.

5. Excessive Phone Use

One of the most conspicuous signs of an affair is secrecy surrounding cell phone use. Cheaters conduct their affairs covertly. Observe if your partner hastily hides their phone or shields the screen when you approach. Luckily, there’s a way how to catch a cheater online. You can search for your spouse’s hidden dating and social media profiles. It’s the best way to catch a cheating wife and it’s completely free to try.

6. Interest in Your Schedule

"Are you coming home early tonight?"

"When's your workday ending?"

"What are your weekend plans?"

Cheaters want to know where you are so they can plan their plans without getting caught. This is especially clear when they don't seem to care about other things in your life.

7. Criticism

If your partner suddenly becomes hypercritical of you, it could be an attempt to distance themselves and make way for an affair. Their intention is to create fictional issues, ultimately pushing you away. While challenging, it's important not to take it personally, no matter how hurtful their behavior may be.

Some Interesting Facts and Numbers

Cheating knows no gender, age, shape, or size. The question of who cheats more has led to varying conclusions. While some data suggests that men are more prone to cheating, perspectives differ. The Institute for Family Studies notes that around 20% of married men admit to having cheated at least once, compared to only 13% of married women.

However, research from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University indicates that women are now cheating at rates comparable to men. Likewise, the National Opinion Research Center found a 40% rise in reported infidelity among married women since 1990 (still lower than their male counterparts).

Regardless of changing demographics, the tactics of a cheater remain consistent, regardless of gender or marital status.

Taking the Next Step

Bringing up the painful truth of cheating can be a very upsetting thing to do. There's always a way to get better, which is good news.

Remember, above all, that it's not your fault. Not you have let them down, but they have. Even though the relationship is over, it doesn't mean that you can't be happy anymore. Life is valuable, and you should have the best. Learn the truth and take charge of your life to take the first step toward finding the relationship you deserve. Try to move forward and live the best life you can.

And if you need help or a private way to find out the truth, you should think about using iFindCheaters. Our high-tech tools can help you gather evidence without hurting anyone, so you can make choices based on facts. Don't let your doubts stop you from moving forward. Instead, take a step toward clarity and mental well-being. Try us for free today and learn how to find out if your wife is cheating.

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