how to find out if your wife is cheating on iphone

It can be upsetting to find out that your partner may be cheating on you. No matter how hard you try to get rid of that annoying feeling, it just won't go away. In the digital age we live in now, technology has made cheating easier, especially with smartphones like the iPhone, which offer many ways to talk without being seen.


Statistics show that about 70% of married Americans have cheated at least once, so you may be right to be suspicious. You may be now thinking how to catch a cheating wife, especially if she uses an iPhone. But fear not, with the right tools you can easily catch wife cheating, and below, we’ll show you one of these.


Cheating isn't just a physical act; it often has mental parts that show up as changes in behavior. Cheaters, however, display a wide variety of behaviors, and it's important to recognize this.

Some people may become more private, while others may become more open than normal. Therefore, knowing your partner well and being alert to any changes in their demeanor is a key. Even though they are different, partners who cheat on their iPhones often have similar ways of acting.

Here are some noteworthy signs:

  1. Increased Phone Security: If your partner has become overly protective of their iPhone, it could be a red flag. Even though locking the phone is normal, taking the phone everywhere in the house may be a sign that they are hiding something.
  2. Deleted Call Logs and Messages: An empty call log or message inbox, especially after receiving calls or texts, may suggest that they're concealing something.
  3. Calls from Unknown Numbers: If your partner gets calls from strange numbers or at odd times, it could be a sign that they are having an affair. Pay attention if they leave the room often to answer calls or if they don't answer calls when you are there.
  4. Frequent Lies: Cheaters often tell lies to hide what they've done. They might even have stories ready to tell you that they have practiced. Seeing holes in their stories can help you figure out if they are lying.
  5. Reduced Communication: Even though it's normal for couples to not talk all the time, if they don't text or call much and are always near their phone, it could mean they're focusing on something else.


A recent study about cheating found that more than 56% of people who do it mostly use their phones for it. So, if your wife is cheating on you, it's probably on her iPhone.

But don't think that proof will be easy to see when you unlock their phone. To find cheating wife, you'll have to look quietly in certain secret places:


People usually take pictures of things they value. If your partner is seeing someone, they might have taken a picture or video of themselves with that person. Go to your wife's gallery to see if they have any photos or videos that show them with someone else in a compromising situation.

Dating Apps

There are a lot of dating apps on the App Store, which makes it easy to meet new people. If you find these kinds of apps on your partner's phone, it's a clear sign that they may be trying to cheat on you.

Social Media and Messaging Apps

Most of the time, messaging is the best way to talk privately. If you think your partner is cheating, look at their social media accounts and messaging apps to see if there are any conversations that could prove it.


If you think your spouse might be cheating on their iPhone, there is a powerful tool named iFindCheaters that can help you find cheating wife without her knowing. Our service is made to help you find out any secrets your partner might be keeping. You don't even have to touch their phone, so you don't have to worry about getting caught.

With iFindCheaters, the best way to catch a cheater, you can fully check what people are doing on dating apps and mobile chat. No need to constantly ask yourself how to find out if someone has dating profiles! Our complex algorithms search through more than 55 popular dating sites and social media networks to give you a full report of your partner's online activity. You'll be able to see if your wife has been using these sites, which could lead you to proof of cheating.

Don't let questions and suspicions drag you down, try iFindCheaters for free by following this link to take the first step toward finding out the truth. Protect your mental health and get the information you need.

You have the right to know what's going on.

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