how to fix a broken relationship in 10 days

Most long-lasting relationships start out with a lot of love. Romantic dates, shared secrets, and sweet nothings are the order of the day. Sadly, even the strongest relationships can start to show signs of wear and tear after a while.


There are many different reasons why relationships end. At one end of the spectrum, things like one partner moving away for a new job or, even worse, being unfaithful, can cause irreversible damage. What could be worse, than a situation where wife catches husband cheating? On the other end of the scale, it's the small, ongoing problems between people that can slowly chip away at a relationship's foundation. As the "honeymoon phase" ends, one partner may start to think more about themselves and be less willing to put in the extra time, energy, or effort that is needed to keep a relationship healthy.

This makes the other person worry and feel unhappy, since they may not know what went wrong or why things have changed. In an effort to regain control, they might stop showing love, stop talking, or even do something very dangerous. At some point, this standoff can make people think that the relationship can't be saved.

Even though it may seem hard to fix a broken relationship, remember what brought you together in the first place. There is still a chance to feel the way you did when you first met. Because you want to make things right, there is a chance that you can. Read on to find out how to fix a broken relationship in 10 days.

Day 1: Reflect on the Past

When dealing with a tough scenario, thinking about what you've learned from past experiences can be very helpful. This is especially true when trying to fix a relationship that has broken down. Since we tend to keep doing the same things with our partners, start by thinking about past breakups to figure out what went wrong at first.

Think about your past relationships and see if there are any similarities to the one you are in now. Ask yourself why the relationships you've had in the past stopped. When did you start to become less close? When did you stop wanting to be together? If your previous breakups were friendly, you might want to talk to an ex to get their honest opinion on what happened. You might not realize it, but you might be making the same mistakes that led to your last split. The first step is to think about the past and learn from it.

Day 2: Embrace Forgiveness

Being the bigger person and practicing forgiveness is the most effective, albeit challenging, remedy for healing a broken relationship. Clinging to anger, resentment, and bitterness only exacerbates existing problems. It also impedes your ability to heal – it's nearly impossible to forgive a partner who keeps hurting you.

Take the time to empathize with your partner's perspective, even if you firmly believe you're in the right. Even if you technically are right, acknowledging that you understand their viewpoint can go a long way. Concentrate on recognizing that while your perspectives differ, you both want to communicate and align for the future. By doing so, you can expedite the forgiveness process and help prevent the recurrence of the same mistakes.

Day 3: Cultivate Empathy

Having respect for your partner is a big step toward fixing a broken relationship and growing a stronger emotional bond. To show empathy, you have to understand and share your partner's thoughts.

Make an effort to understand your partner's emotions. Sympathize with their fears, insecurities, self-doubts, and anxieties. Through open and honest communication, you can rebuild lost trust and rejuvenate your relationship.

Day 4: Believe in Yourself

Personal insecurities can obstruct your efforts to mend a broken relationship and hinder your connection with your partner. It's vital to ensure that you haven't lost your sense of self since the relationship began. Are you still pursuing your passions and sources of happiness from before you met your partner?

Allowing your relationship to deplete your identity and self-worth is unhealthy. The journey to self-love is ongoing, and trusting in yourself can enable you to be more open and caring toward your partner.

Day 5: Authentic Self-Reflection

The next step in repairing your fractured relationship is authentic self-reflection. Take time to accept and explore your feelings, reconnecting with your inner self. Delve into your emotions to decipher what your heart is trying to communicate. It's acceptable to consider moving on and letting go of the situation if your feelings suggest it's the best course of action.

Day 6: Consider Professional Help

Setting up a meeting with a therapist can be the key to fixing a broken relationship. A professional with a lot of experience can help you and your partner work through the problems in your relationship.

You'll gain insight into the underlying causes of your relationship's breakdown. If both partners are committed to making it work, counseling can be a valuable path forward.

Day 7: Rebuilding Trust

Rebuilding trust in your relationship is the most important thing. Once trust has been broken, it can be hard to fix. Talk to your partner honestly to find out if they have any worries.

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Day 8: Acts of Kindness

In the initial stages of most relationships, gestures like gift-giving and romantic dates are commonplace. Over time, however, these actions can wane, and you might invest less effort in making each other feel special.

Don't grow complacent in your role as a giver; continue to go the extra mile to show kindness to your partner. It doesn't have to be extravagant – small gestures like serving your partner breakfast in bed or surprising them with flowers at work can significantly contribute to repairing a broken relationship.

Day 9: Revisit Shared Memories

Remind yourselves of what initially drew you together as a couple. Reflect on the memories you've created since the inception of your relationship. Mending a broken relationship requires joint effort from both partners.

Set aside your ego and revisit the shared interests that initially attracted you to each other. Rekindle your love and recognize what's at stake if you part ways.

Day 10: Quality Time

Spending quality time and having meaningful talks with your partner is very important. Your relationship can make progress when you spend time together. Make it a habit to spend time together to fix a bad relationship. Encourage honest, open conversation, don't bring up old problems, try to forgive, and learn how to find middle ground.

At the end of this 10-day journey

For couples who are committed to each other, it's vital to put aside sentiments and work together. When both people put in work, the bond gets stronger. If you follow these steps carefully, you might not need to fix your relationship again. If you work hard now, you can both look forward to a better, happier future.

An expert in relationships, Jennifer Pearson, says that fixing a broken relationship is a good idea, but one has to know when the relationship can't be saved. "Some relationships aren't meant to last, and it can be better for both people to end them than to keep trying to fix something that might not be fixable. Having personal boundaries and putting your own health first is key, even if it means ending a relationship that made you happy."

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