how to tell if your partner might be a gold digger 5 red flags

Many of us would probably be confused if we walked into the once-bustling Playboy Mansion. How did a man born when Calvin Coolidge was president and Babe Ruth was at the top of his game get so many beautiful women to like him? Did women really date Hugh Hefner because of his fame, personality, or strange charm? Or did they like him because he was rich? Dive into the article to know how to spot a gold digger


I don't possess the answer, nor do I hold insights into the hearts of all the women who were dating him. But being attracted to someone for money is not just something that happens to famous people. People in everyday life should also be careful and watch out for people who only want their money and not their love. It might not always be easy to tell if someone loves you for who you really are or just for what you have, like a car, a fancy trip, or an expensive outfit. Gold diggers are good at hiding what they really want by being charming and saying exactly what you want to hear. Still, if you look closely enough, you can see their true colors. Here are some ways to tell if you're with a gold digger.

Here are five major signs that you might be dating a gold digger:

1. Financial Fortitude

If being rich doesn't make you who you are, you probably won't fall for a gold digger's trick. Even if your bank account is as full as Scrooge McDuck's, someone who wants to take advantage of your money is less likely to approach you if you don't talk about it a lot. On the other hand, if your financial situation is clear from the start, be careful, because you may be a target.

2. An Unbalanced Ledger

Surely, a woman who lets a man take her out to a fancy dinner isn't a cash digger just because she does that. But things get risky when someone starts to think that you will pay for their costs that don't involve you, like their mortgage, phone bill, or even medical bills. This kind of arrogance should make you doubtful.

3. Escalating Taste for Luxury

If your partner went from shopping at Target to shopping at high-end shops and now says that Target is for "commoners," you should be careful. If this sudden change isn't due to a lottery win, an inheritance, a groundbreaking startup, or a big raise, it's possible that they are counting on their new relationship with a wealthy partner.

4. Unemployment without Intent

Engaging with someone who is unemployed is a red flag, especially if they quit their job just as your relationship was getting stronger. But this doesn't mean that they have to break up right away. Is their joblessness caused by a desire for a more difficult job, dissatisfaction with the job they had before, or a search for better pay?

These are normal things to think about. But if they aren't working because they think they don't need to, that could mean they see your partnership as a good way to make money.

5. Monetary Requests

If someone asks you for money, that may be the easiest way to tell if they are using your money to help themselves. Some requests may be reasonable, like when you need to fix your car, pay hospital bills, or start your own business. But repeated or unjustified requests for money are a sign that your relationship may be based on money rather than real connection.

The Bottom Line

Just as it can be hard to figure out someone's true intentions in a relationship, it takes careful thought to figure out if your partner is really interested in the relationship. Under the smiles and promises, there may be clues that the person has something else in mind. Always be on the lookout for signs that your lover is only interested in you for financial benefit rather than true love.

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