instagram romance scammer 5 red flags

Encountering someone unexpected in your Instagram DMs, praising your beauty and expressing a desire to know you better, could be the beginning of an Instagram romance scam. In this article, we'll delve into the world of romance scammers on Instagram, exploring their deceptive tactics and providing tips on how to avoid falling victim to their schemes.


Romance scammers create fake profiles on Instagram with the intention of establishing fake relationships with unsuspecting individuals. Their initial approach involves showering their targets with compliments, engaging in daily conversations, and gradually fostering an emotional connection.

Once the scammer gains the victim's trust, they begin concocting reasons why they urgently need money. They often start with small requests, such as money for food or minor expenses, and then escalate to more significant demands, claiming that their livelihood or job is at stake. These scammers persistently ask for money until they deplete their victims' bank accounts.

5 Signs of A Romance Scammer

To protect yourself from falling prey to an Instagram romance scam, watch out for the following warning signs:

1. They Ask for Personal and Financial Information

Romance scammers frequently employ emergency excuses, such as job loss or medical emergencies, to trick victims into divulging sensitive information. They may ask for access to your bank account, request personal details for supposed investment opportunities, or even seek control of your social media profiles under the pretext of preventing hacking. Never share your financial or personal information with someone you've only met online, and refrain from providing gift cards, wire transfers, or Bitcoin to anyone.

2. Rapid Formation of a Relationship

Beware if someone claims to be in love with you after only a few weeks of interaction. Romance scammers use this tactic to exploit your emotions and manipulate you into parting with your money. By rushing the relationship, they aim to prevent you from questioning their motives or authenticity.

3. They Refuse to Make a Video Call

Scammers frequently utilize stolen images from public profiles or social media influencers to create fake personas. To verify the legitimacy of an individual, consider meeting them in person or engaging in video chat before committing to a serious relationship. If your potential partner consistently makes excuses to avoid video chats or displays suspicious behavior during the chats, it's likely a sign of a scam.

4. They Refuse to Meet in Person

Romance scammers often fabricate profiles and falsely claim to be located in a different country, typically Nigeria. When confronted with requests to meet in person, they invent excuses such as work obligations, lack of funds, accidents, or emergencies. If someone repeatedly fails to follow through on plans to meet, they are likely trying to keep you engaged in the scam by feigning efforts to see you.

5. They Claim to Be Military or Oil Rig Worker

Scammers often pretend to be military personnel or workers on oil rigs, using these occupations as excuses to justify their inability to video chat or meet in person. They exploit these roles to manipulate victims into providing financial assistance for various fabricated reasons, such as medical bills, transportation expenses, or personal emergencies. Remember, legitimate military or oil rig employers would never require their employees to pay for their own return home or other expenses.

Common Scammer Phrases

Romance scammers often employ familiar phrases to establish trust and emotional connection. While these phrases alone don't necessarily indicate a scam, when combined with other suspicious behavior, they should raise caution:

  • "I can't wait to be with you."
  • "You are the only one who understands me."
  • "I've never felt this way before."
  • "I'm so lucky to have found you."
  • "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
  • "You're my soulmate."
  • "I'll do anything for you."
  • "I miss you so much."
  • "I can't imagine life without you."
  • "I love you more than anything in the world."

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for love online, you need to take precautions to avoid getting your heart broken or losing money. iFindCheaters gives you an easy and confidential way to find out if your partner is hiding anything, making sure that your relationship is built on trust and honesty. Take charge of the situation if you think your potential partner is doing something wrong on Instagram or another social media site. Visit our website today to learn how iFindCheaters can help you keep your heart and your money safe. Don't forget that love is beautiful, but it's always better when it's built on trust and honesty. And the best of it? You can try us for free!

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