why i developed the online infidelity search tool ifindcheaters com

Reduce relationship risk with I Find Cheaters online dating search tool.
Know who you are giving your heart to.

Infidelity broke my heart.

I was devastated when I discovered my partner was cheating, and I thought “There has to be a way for people to protect themselves from deception.”

I had suspicions that she was a cheater, but I didn’t want to believe it. The harsh reality was that my wife was having an affair. After the shock wore off I started thinking: how could I have prevented it? How could I have understood that she was being tempted to cheat? The answer was right in front of my nose – technology!

Technology makes things easier...

... including online dating and online cheating. The same technology that brings people together can also tear them apart. I wanted to create an electronic watch dog that could “sniff out” and find cheaters, people who claim to be looking for “serious” relationships on some sites, and are seeking hook-ups or “booty calls” on others. People who claim to be single and looking for love, but are married and looking for “recreational” sex, don’t realize the harm and hurt they can cause their “playmates”.

Know who you give your heart to.

When you are considering an intimate relationship with someone, you have the right to find out if they have multiple or hidden dating profiles.
Sure, you can ask them, and good honest people will say “Yeah, I’ve signed up for a few different platforms to see what is going on out there.” The “trophy hunters”, serial cheaters and scammers though are never going to disclose their activities. I wanted to give people who had been out of the “dating game” for a long time, the recently single, divorced or widowed, a way to protect themselves from emotional and sexual predators.

Safe, smart & sexy.

Today we have expanded our service to monitor more than 50 dating platforms and mobile dating apps and the list of networks we can search is growing daily. When made its humble debut, we had the capability to scan 18 dating networks for active accounts. We have come a long way in a year! Within a few minutes, you can have a comprehensive list of your partner’s online dating activity. You can also discover if they have been truthful about their contact info or marital status or if they subscribe to XXX pornographic or Live Sex Cam sites. Even if you have just met someone, our online search tools allow you to know a lot more about that person, empowering you to make smarter decisions and protect yourself from heartache.

Relationship know-how.

Along with our dating profile scanning service we also want to offer you expert advice about how to recognize the signs that indicate your partner might be involved online. At we want to see relationships work and you can act before it is too late. Keep an eye on our blog for informative articles, and we are producing a series of e-books that will give more in-depth information about important relationship issues. We also have many other exciting applications in development for home and personal security, child monitoring, and many more. Our mission is to anticipate ways in which our technology can protect you and improve your life!

Thank you for your interest!
Raf & the Support Team

P.S. Now that you know why I started this, click HERE to find out how we do it.

If you are trying to reconcile after infidelity you can find resources here:

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