prince william and rose hanbury are arguing over cheating rumors

Rumors have been going around for years that Prince William and his friend Rose Hanbury are having an affair. Even though author Omid Scobie writes about this supposed scandal in his new book "Endgame," he says that the claims that the 41-year-old Prince of Wales and the 39-year-old Hanbury are dating are not true. Well, rumors aren’t probably the best way to catch a cheater, but let’s dive into them and try to find the truths!


In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Scobie notes that people are talking too much about William's commitment to Kate Middleton. He stressed how hard it is to stop rumors once they start to spread. He said that the lack of a formal response has let these rumors go on, even though they are obviously false.

People were already talking about William cheating on Kate Middletion even before they got married in April 2011, after dating for eight years. A British peeress and former model named Rose Hanbury married David Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, in 2009. They have three children together. It is known that the couple knows the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from formal events.

There were first rumors of cheating in 2019, but recent events, like Hanbury's attendance at the coronation of William's father, King Charles, show that the rumors are dying down. When talking about his book, Scobie stressed that he had to be careful about talking about the "allegations against William, Kate's, and their fallout with Rose Hanbury" because of the law. His main point was that stories should be seen for what they are: rumors, not facts.

According to Scobie, Kensington Palace may have used Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to take the focus off of the rumors because they were worried about how they might hurt William's image. He said the palace saw Harry and Meghan as a way to take attention away from the accusations, which he thought was bad for William's reputation.

Deuxmoi, a celebrity gossip account, shared a "blind" item in 2022 that many people thought was about Prince William. The news story hinted at an open secret in London about a British royal's affair with someone else, which suggested that the partner might be okay with it as long as feelings weren't involved.

Many rumors and complicated royal connections make for a complicated story that Scobie delves into in "Endgame." Even though it's hard to talk about such sensitive issues, he stays calm because he knows that the royal family's actions could have legal and public consequences.

However, an American psychologist named Wilda Harrison says that cheating rumors, especially in public relationships, are usually based on people's interest and guesswork rather than real evidence. "People who have trouble trusting each other should work on it, but believing false rumors can add to the stress and strain," she notes.


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