she was called a gold digger after telling her husband shed rather not have a spouse if she got rich

A 23-year-old woman and her 26-year-old husband were coming home from a rare day out, which was very rare for her because of how busy she was at work. Her husband even joked that she should become a millionaire to spend more time with him! But this turned their conversation in a strange direction.


At first, she liked that he wanted to spend more time with her, and that he understood that she wanted to leave the corporate world. But she didn't understand why she had to be the only one responsible for becoming a millionaire.

You can read the original story on Reddit.

No, it’s not a story where husband catches wife cheating! To her surprise, her husband firmly opposed her idea. He stated that he preferred her to be the millionaire!

She felt a strange kind of discomfort from this answer. After that, she told him that if she became a millionaire, she wouldn't want a husband. Instead, she wanted to be alone, away from the need and expectations of a partner. But guess what? He called her a "gold digger"!

She reminded him of what she had done for the relationship, like giving him a place to live, and how many times they had broken up and then gotten back together, often at his request.

When she told her husband about their shared past, he didn't seem to care. His defense was that he had never told her to pay his bills or buy things for him.

He said that every time he asked for money, he promised to pay it back. She laughed so hard at this response that she was shaking with confidence as she walked away.

Her husband had often asked for money over the years. He casually said "You're paying for me, right? Because you have to," or asserted, "I believe everything should be 50/50." She thought that in a real partnership, both people should help each other out, but she didn't see much of that from him.

While she had a job, her husband wasn't working. Her simple hope was for peace. She did say, though, that he didn't help her financially or emotionally. He had been living with his mother before moving in with her, and she was the only one who paid for the bills.

Her husband played video games instead of working toward their shared goal of buying land to build their dream home while she worked hard at her job. People would fight and refuse to do even the smallest tasks, like taking out the trash.

She later realized that her honest statement that she would choose to be alone if she became a millionaire was completely appropriate.

"It sounds like there could be bigger problems going on here. Partners often have different ideas about money and who is responsible for what, but the way things are described makes it sound like there isn't enough fairness and reciprocity in the relationship. To keep the relationship healthy and happy, both people need to contribute, not just money, but also time, emotions, and duties," notes Wilda Harrison.


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