what is a gold digger

What Is a Gold Digger?

A dating site is a place where you can present yourself from different sides. You can present yourself as more intelligent, prettier, or better than you are in the hope of meeting a person who would never look at you. And here, of course, the goals and methods of representatives of different girls are also different. If guys rarely bother with anything other than girls’ appearance, women often look for princes with rich cars, yachts, and other benefits and become gold-diggers.

Who Do We Call a Gold Digger?

Social networks are recognized as platforms for female gold diggers. They are always bright, spectacular, and elegant. But as soon as the man pays attention to them, the game begins. Everyone has their methods of cheating, but the goal is to get as much money and valuable gifts from a man as possible.

Remember: sometimes, gold-diggers message to several men at the same time. As a rule, they use the same templates without reading the victim's writing.

The main task of the gold digger is to convince you of her sincerity. The cheating girl has commercial interest and is ready to spend weeks, sometimes months, communicating with you. He will not ask you for money until she understands you are in love. And only after that will she come up with a false situation or problem and present it in such a way that you will immediately want to help her.

Signs That a Woman Is a Gold Digger

If you notice something similar in your messaging with a girl on a dating site, know that she is a gold-digger who craves not love but money and needs checking:

  • The girl does not address you by name, calls you bunny, honey, sweetie, and other sweet words.
  • At the initial stage of the relationship, she wants to know where you work and what kind of income you have.
  • She is not interested in your postcards and other romantic but inexpensive gifts. But she is ready to burst into tears of joy for a ring or another expensive gift.
  • A woman immediately insists on leaving the dating site and continues communicating via e-mail or social networks.
  • After the meeting, the girl confesses her feelings.
  • She does not work and is not looking for work. She is looking for someone to work for her, so be ready.
  • She is ready to go on a trip with you today or stay in an expensive hotel room.

Is It Possible to Build a Strong Family with a Gold Digger?

Psychologists divide gold diggers into several types. Some represent themselves as victims. Others, they say, are "soft and fluffy." They don't care where to get the money.

Psychologists advise: before giving everything to a gold-digger lady, ask whether she is ready to start a family with you. And if you have already started a family and suspect your wife loves your money, there is a point in checking it.

How to Check a Woman Is She NOT a Gold Digger?

Perhaps, she only needs your money, apartment, or status. How to find out that a woman is a money-seeker?

The iFindCheaters online service offers unique tools for checking spouses anonymously.

Do you want to catch cheating spouse on popular dating sites while she’s hunting for men’s wallets? We recommend checking this information by providing us with your wife’s email address and full name. We’ll send you a list of sites and detailed information about your partner’s profile activity, so you can follow up and know who you are involved with.

Tinder Bluster is a unique Tinder profile search tool that helps investigate and detect your wife’s active Tinder profile.

What to do with the received information? If everything suits you, forget it. And if there is a chance to change something in your relationship – call your wife for a frank conversation.

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