what is micro firting 5 examples

Is it Ever OK to Give an Ultimatum in a Relationship?

Well, flirting can still get tricky, even if you're quite a confident person. It's tough to show someone you like them without risking rejection, right? That's what micro-flirting is all about – it's a subtler, safer way to show someone you're interested!


Micro-flirting is like flirting in stealth mode. It's subtle, more about body language and hints than being upfront. Plus, if the person doesn't catch on, you're not left feeling rejected.

You can use micro-flirting in lots of different situations, whether you're out with friends or at work. It's all about being careful! We'll tell you everything you need to know about micro-flirting and how to spot it in a conversation.


As to Wilda Harrison, a certified relationship psychologist, it's about giving small signs of attention and interest in different situations like at work or in social gatherings. It’s about making a connect with someone, without making them uncomfortable.

It's not just about what you say but also about what you don't say – things like body language and non-verbal signals are key to understand micro-flirting. This can be anything from a smile or playing with your hair to standing close to someone while you chat.


Although we believe flirting and micro-flirting are pretty much the same thing, let’s stay ahead with new trends.

Here are some signs of micro-flirting, along with examples from relationship psychologist Wilda Harrison.

1. Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a strong signal that you're interested in someone. Well, a lot of exposed cheaters do that so!

A cool way to show someone you're interested is to use the "three-second rule." This works especially well if you want to get their attention in a crowded place.

During a three-second span, you look at them once, then away, and then back again. It helps both of them feel united.

2. Being Close

If your crush is standing closer to you than usual, they might be micro-flirting.

Also, when you're close to someone, showing that you're open and interested through open body language and light touches on the arm or shoulder makes the space feel warmer.

3. Small Facial Cues

Little signals like raising eyebrows, smirking, winking, and genuine smiles are pretty clear signs of flirting, according to Wilda Harrison. That’s what cheating on Snapchat is all about, for instance.

4. Teasing

Teasing, whether good-natured or not, can be a way of micro-flirting, like teasing someone about their taste in movies or TV shows.

Spot your partner teasing someone? Maybe you’ll need something like a “catch a cheater app”.

5. Asking lots of questions

The last rule: if someone suddenly starts asking you a ton of questions – they may be interested in you.

When you micro-flirt, asking a lot of questions is like going into "interview mode," but it doesn't very well. No one likes it, because they feel like you're questioning them.

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