wife praised for handling stepdaughters gold digger comment

How to find out if boyfriend is on Tinder? This woman probably knows! She shared her story on Reddit, where her post received 21,000 upvotes.


User Good-Face1725 explained the strained relationship with her husband Rob's two children. She doesn’t consider them her stepkids because they see her only as their dad's wife, not their stepmom, which she's fine with since she didn't raise them.

Recently, when Madison got engaged, Rob offered her $10,000 for her wedding. Wanting a more lavish wedding, Madison was upset and kept asking for more money. The woman explained that Rob had used up his savings after his late wife died, making the $10,000 offer very generous.

During their conversation, the woman told Madison that she and Rob had agreed on the contribution together. Madison then accused her of marrying Rob for his money. Hurt by this, the woman asked who had been paying the second mortgage Rob took out to cover his debts. She added that she pays for 70 percent of their household bills and is actually wealthier than her older husband. Madison then called her stuck up and stormed out.

At the end of her post, the woman said that her husband agreed with her answer but wished she hadn't shared his financial information.

Pew Research Center says that 29% of American couples make about the same amount of money, 55% have the husband make most of the money, and 16% have the wife make most of the money.

The Reddit post has received 2,300 comments since it was shared on May 22. The top comment, with 27,000 upvotes, stated: "NTA, but to a child (even an adult one) determined to make you a wicked stepmother, you’re either stuck up or a gold digger."

Another user commented that Madison, almost 30 and asking for more money, is the one acting like a gold digger. A third comment suggested that Madison's reaction shows she sees her father as a bank account, projecting her own materialistic views onto the woman.

“This is a classic case of projection that I see in Madison's response. Sometimes it's easier to put the blame for our own problems on someone else. Madison may be projecting her stress about money onto her stepmother. It was great that the woman kept her cool and set clear limits while standing up for herself,” says Wilda Harrison, a relationship psychologist.


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