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iFindCheaters now offers you a quick and effective way to learn whether your partner is subscribing to live sex cam streams. You would be amazed just how many live webcam sites are out there. If you are concerned that your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend might be involved in live cam dating or subscribing to sex cam streams you have come to the right place!


Consuming porn does not make your partner a bad person, but if they feel they need erotic interaction with others, even if it is only virtually, you have a right to know. Our service is easy to use, simply enter your partner’s full name and the email address they may be using to register on live webcam sites. Our algorithms will search popular webcam streams, live sex apps and sexcam online platforms. If they have active accounts with the information you provide we will find them. You have the right to lookup information on the person you are giving your heart to.

There are three options to choose from. Our XXX Flex package means you only pay for as many searches as you need. If you discover that your partner has an active account, it may be helpful to know how frequently they use it. The XXX Monthly plan allows you to run a daily activity search for accounts linked to one or more email addresses. This option allows you to see if your partner’s activity is just a once in a while diversion or a potentially dangerous habit.

If your partner has not been honest about checking out live sex cam action, they may be concealing other activities too. That is why we also offer our Ultimate plan which gives you bundles of credits to be used across all of our services. The Ultimate plan allows you to scan for active accounts across 99+ Dating/Alternative Lifestyle Sites, 45+ Social Media & Mobile Chat/Hook-up Apps, 99+ XXX Websites and Live Sex Cam Streams, to verify identity and other important info with Listing Locator and to see if they are active on Tinder. Now that really covers all the bases.

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To find out your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend is active on online webcam dating sites can be upsetting, but it does not have to mean the end of your relationship. It may be an opportunity to talk about uncomfortable subjects and may even bring you closer together. There are a lot of ways that a webcam site can take advantage of their patrons. Some pressure the people working on the cams to ask patrons to send them gifts or money in addition to what they are already being charged. They will try to create an illusion of exclusivity, that your partner is their “special one” that they actually enjoy performing for. The truth is that often those people are being trafficked or coerced in other ways.

We understand that it may feel uncomfortable to search spouse on cam streams. You are not alone. Webcam dating sites have grown in popularity, especially since the onset of the pandemic. Live sex cam streams allow people to find virtual sex partners without the fear of health risks. There may be other risks though. If your partner is live cam dating regularly and having sessions with the same person they may start to reveal personal information like location and family status that can be used by criminals. Your partner may not realize that he or she could be putting you and your home in danger.

Beyond the possibility of physical danger, a live sex cam stream can put a serious dent in your bank account. Our search tools allow you to find active accounts and confront your partner before too much damage is done. Mobile sex cam apps mean that he or she can watch webcam streams anytime, and that can add up.



He wouldn’t tell me why our bank balance was so low. I can understand porn occasionally, but he was binge watching live sex cams! Talk about throwing money away, I stopped that nonsense.

By Margarite C. on 14/06/20

I was played bad a couple of times in the past. With just a couple of clicks, I can protect myself now. Thanks

By Don S. on 24/01/20

Lookup your partner’s online webcam dating activity today and put your mind at ease. You can search spouse on cam streams in just a few minutes and know whether they are involved with live webcam sites. That can also be an opportunity to see what sort of platforms they patronize so you know more about what they find erotic. You are the only one who knows if your relationship is worth fighting for. If you believe it is, then knowing what turns your partner on it’s important information to have.

Some customers ask whether there are discounts on these services. The answer is yes when you buy economical bundles of search credits. The best deal of all however is the Ultimate plan that literally gives you everything, bundles of credits for use across all our services with substantial discounts across the board.

Another common question we get is whether we provide their partner’s log in credentials for the active accounts we find. Here the answer is no. Because the services we scan exist in the public domain we can reveal that an account exists. It would however be illegal to share the account login information without consent even if we accessed it.

Some customers are concerned that it is a sign of mistrust to search for active accounts. iFindCheaters is all about clear communication. We encourage our customers to speak freely about sexuality with their partners because it is an important part of any adult relationship. If you are uncomfortable talking about erotic subjects with your partner it is essential that you work on it if you want to build a mutually satisfying relationship that will last.

Relationships are complex, and sex is part of that complexity. The more willing you are to explore erotic play with your partner the less likely they will be to seek stimulation elsewhere. Our iFindCheaters blog offers informative articles to help you keep the passion alive in your relationship. There are also several E-Books titles to choose from that give more in-depth advice for strengthening your connection. There is also advice to support you if you think the time has come to move on. If there are other problems between you than just your partner’s interest in “eye candy” on live webcam sites, then you may want to think seriously about your future together.

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