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I have run two searches on, but no positive results so far…maybe she is honest. However, I do think it’s an easy to use, and the pricing is fair too. They allow you to pay for as little as a single search.

By Lucy on 08/21/18

Actually, I heard about this service from a friend. It helps me do a background check on potential partners. And yes, it has helped avoid cheaters. The pricing is right too!

By Will12345 on 08/12/18

Catching an online cheater is hard. My husband cheated on me for years and I never suspected him. It’s like the rules of the game favors them. I once asked him about a phone he seemed reluctant to receive in my presence, but he said it’s was work related and reacted so badly that I ended up apologizing. Then during my regular browsing, I landed on and decided to run a search. I was dumbfounded! My holy Joe had 4 online dating profiles. I will always use to investigate anyone I plan to date.

By Eric on 08/03/18

This is my 5th search on The service works well and you get the results superfast. On all my previous searches, it took about 60 seconds and I had the results. I also love that iFindCheaters gives the actual names and emails of the suspect. Highly recommended!

By Agnes12234 on 07/19/18

I have been using since it first launched on April this year, and so far I am very happy. No download or installation required. You do everything on their platform.

By Mike on 07/12/18

So far, is the best online profile search tool I have come across. Just a day in and I am really in love with it. No setup, all you need to do is enter a few details and Boom! You know whether you partner is cheating on you or not.

By Trevor on 06/19/18

For a very long time, my guts told me he was dishonest but whenever I confronted him, he denied and made me look like I was the cheater. Then, a friend suggested I head to and check whether he has an online dating profile. I was shocked, he had two profiles and both were active. I really loved that is super easy to use, don’t tie you to a monthly subscription, and that they email you the final report in a printable pdf format. I will use this service again.

By Emma E. on 06/16/18

I have used twice, and so far the experience has been awesome. The first guy was a cheater, but the second one had no online dating profile. The service is fast, and it works well on both PC and mobile platforms. Even better, you don’t have to download or install anything on your phone or your partner’s phone. I only wish management would start offering relationship and/or dating advice.

By Craig1235 on 05/06/18

Great service! I always check whether the girl I am dating is cheating on me via I also like that I am not tied to monthly or annual subscription; I can pay as I go.

By Izzie123 on 04/29/18