10 signs that your partner might be a narcissist

Identifying a narcissist becomes crucial when their excessive self-interest and admiration start infiltrating your relationship. While it's normal for individuals to display narcissistic tendencies occasionally, allowing it to dominate a partnership can spell trouble. We've collaborated with relationship expert Alyson Jones, based in Vancouver, to outline ten warning signs that suggest your partner may be a narcissist.


1. Everything revolves around them for narcissists

If your partner always centers conversations on themselves, it's no surprise that you might feel neglected. Alyson Jones explains, "Narcissistic partners tend to initiate conversations and extensively talk about themselves." This self-centeredness deprives them of interest in understanding your perspective, lacking the empathy required to do so.

2. Narcissists expect you to conform to their views

Having a conflicting opinion becomes challenging in a relationship with a narcissist since they assume they are right at all times. Jones advises observing this red flag not only at home but also in social settings. "They may come across as loud, obnoxious, rude, and arrogant to you or your friends," warns Jones.

3. Narcissists are easily offended

If you feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells around your partner, watch out for this warning sign. "An innocent statement from you can trigger extreme upset in a narcissistic partner," cautions Jones. This hypersensitivity may lead you to believe that you can't say or do anything right, as they can be offended by even the smallest things.

4. Narcissists demand constant praise

For narcissists, each day is an opportunity to celebrate themselves and their achievements. "They expect you to be their cheerleader, and nothing less will suffice. They always want to be seen in the best light and applauded as the superior person," explains Jones. Failing to fulfill their expectations in this "cheerleader" role may result in sulking, temper tantrums, and cold shoulders.

5. Narcissists believe they are exceptions to the rules

You might notice that your partner takes issue with everyday rules and societal expectations, both within and outside the relationship. "Simple habits like following traffic laws or respecting time commitments don't apply to them," notes Jones. In fact, they might even go out of their way to break rules just to assert their exemption.

6. Narcissists lack respect for your belongings

While narcissists consider their personal items sacred, they disregard boundaries when it comes to their partner. "A narcissist will often take what they want from you without considering how it might hurt you, whether it's borrowing money or a cherished possession that they don't bother returning," reveals Jones.

This lack of respect extends beyond material things, as Jones adds, "It also applies to disregarding your schedule, commitments, and other relationships."

7. Narcissists believe they are entitled to sex and attention

 Mutual desire holds little importance for narcissistic partners who expect their needs to be met by their partner without question. "The narcissist shows little regard for your personal boundaries. If you're in a relationship with a narcissist, they may ignore your need for space and silence, expecting you to appreciate their attention even when you're not in the mood," says Jones.

Some narcissists may seek attention outside the relationship and justify it if their partner doesn't meet their self-centered expectations. Celebrities have shared their experiences of being cheated on, and it seems they can relate.

8. Narcissists obsess over looks and appearances

While the narcissist's pursuit of perfection may seem applicable to both themselves and their partner, the primary focus remains on themselves. "They want you to look good because you are an accessory to them, but you will always play a secondary role in the relationship," clarifies Jones.

9. Narcissists expect a fairy tale life

To a narcissist, the world revolves around them and their idealistic fantasies, no matter how unrealistic. Alyson Jones explains, "The narcissistic partner fixates on fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, and even idealized romance. Over time, their romantic gestures reveal themselves as self-serving acts, leaving you feeling like a secondary character in their fairy tale."

10. Narcissists demand constant attention and admiration

When dating a narcissist, they expect you to feel grateful and ecstatic to have them in your life. "The narcissistic partner sees themselves as a celebrity and, consequently, believes they deserve special treatment and adoration," states Jones. Constantly meeting their insatiable needs can be exhausting, as Jones remarks, "It becomes a full-time job to cater exclusively to their demands."

The Bottom Line

In a relationship with a narcissistic partner, doubts and confusion can take hold, leaving you yearning for clarity and a way out. If you suspect that your partner possesses narcissistic traits, iFindCheaters offers a discreet and reliable solution to help you uncover the truth. Our innovative online service allows you to unveil any secrets your partner may be hiding, providing you with the evidence you need to make informed decisions about your future. Don't let narcissism consume your relationship. Take control and find the answers you deserve. Sign up with iFindCheaters today and break free from the grip of uncertainty.

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