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5 signs your partner is lying
Searching online to see if your partner might be lying? Quite a strange feeling, right? Some say if you're at this point, it's too late and you should have left the relationship long ago. But don’t give up until it’s your only choice left!
Jennifer Pearson  May 31, 2024
jennifer lopez addressed ben affleck divorce rumors at netflix’s 'atlas' event
At a press event in Mexico City for Netflix's new action movie "Atlas," Jennifer Lopez and Simu Liu answered a reporter's question about rumors that Lopez was splitting up with Ben Affleck.
Jennifer Pearson  May 25, 2024
nikhil patel wanted open marriage with dalljiet kaur and had an affair with a model
It looks like Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel are going to split up with lots of rumors online about how terrible their relationship is.
Jennifer Pearson  May 18, 2024
who cheats the most? 2024 cheating statistics
People cheat for various reasons: some are unhappy or dissatisfied with their relationship; others cheat out of boredom or a desire for excitement. Sometimes, cheating even stems from a sex addiction. But what about the numbers?
Jennifer Pearson  May 13, 2024
is your spouse emotionally cheating?
We usually think of cheating as something sexual, like a one-night stand, virtual sex, or an ongoing affair. Well, in committed relationships, cheating isn't always about sex – it's all about breaking trust.
iFindCheaters  May 10, 2024
survey: what is financial infidelity?
Recent surveys shed light on how financial problems, including credit card debt and hidden spending, can strain relationships, even leading to divorce. Money, an online magazine, delves into these surveys to reveal people's attitudes toward finances and their partners.
Jennifer Pearson  Feb 16, 2024
the sinamangal tragedy: cheating suspected as main reason
Initial inquiries into the Sinamangal incident suggest that extramarital relationships were the main cause behind the tragic events that occurred. Raju Ghimire, also known as Kaji BK, ended his own life in a nearby forest after brutally killing his wife, daughter, and granddaughter in Sinamangal on Wednesday.
Jennifer Pearson  Feb 15, 2024
a woman claims she found out her boyfriend was on the new season of 'love is blind'
After the latest season of the popular dating show aired on Netflix, a TikTok user named Ryann Stringfellow shared a video expressing shock at seeing her boyfriend on the show. She described feeling a mix of emotions, including heartbreak, jealousy, and surprise.
Jennifer Pearson  Feb 12, 2024
can you search someone on tinder? 3 ways to view tinder profiles online
Wondering how to search someone on Tinder? Tinder is a popular dating app, widely used in America. However, Tinder usually requires you to make an account before you can start looking at possible matches. This rule can be tough for some people, especially if they want to learn how to look at other Tinder profiles without making their own public. Some might do this to see if a partner or friend is using the app or to look for a specific person without letting them know they are there.
iFindCheaters  Jan 27, 2024
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