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5 Ways to Catch a Cheater, Without Becoming a Stalker.
Too many relationships fail because of infidelity. It is important to know if you are overreacting due to your own insecurities, or if there is cause for alarm. Below are a few steps you can follow if you fear partner may be involved with someone else.
Victoria 2019-03-18
Liar liar pants on fire!
We do not only lie to each other, we do it to ourselves too. Read on to learn the truth about lying.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
The Devil in the Details
Your partner is probably lying and may be cheating. 40% of adults admit to lying every day! Find out how to detect lies and protect yourself.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Are you a human lie  detector?
Just how badly we want to be believed is a key factor in whether or not our lies will be believed. Learn what to look out for to protect you from cheating.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Are little lies sweet?
Excuses are rationalized lies and telling lies is more common than we care to admit. There is context, number and magnitude of lies to be considered. Not every relationship is loving and not every marriage is made in heaven. If you and your partner need to make up lots of excuses (lies), it may be time to let go.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Deception by any other name…
In an intimate relationship trust is essential for longevity. If things are held back you cannot commit completely.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
The Double Standard of Deception
Is deception a form of cheating? It is a concept, it begins with "What are you hiding?" And continues with "What is it going to give you?" Do we act differently when practice to deceive?
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
When it comes to integrity in relationships the stakes can be high for our emotional health. With so many ways for people to connect online it was important to find a way to help people protect themselves from phonies, scammers, and erotic predators.
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
Signs of a lying spirit
Victoria King-Kondos 2019-07-23
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