10 tips how do you know that you love someone

10 Tips How Do You Know That You Love Someone

Love is perhaps the most mysterious, subtle, almost ephemeral feeling, which is difficult to explain in a language accessible to everyone.

Scientifically speaking, love is an ancient cocktail of neuromolecules.

In biology it is the hormone of tenderness and affection, oxytocin, which is responsible for love.

In chemical terms it is a substance 2-phenylethylamine, which is synthesized in the human brain.

From the psychological point of view it is a strong positively colored feeling or a complex of feelings directed at another person, which is accompanied by a narrowing of consciousness, the consequence of which may be a distorted assessment of the perception of the object of love.

No matter how many definitions are given to love, it is difficult to explain it - it must be lived.

In love, we all inherently long for the object of love, constantly wanting to see it, to be near it. The force that attracts us is inexplicable; it touches a part of us that has been unknown to us until now.

Symptoms of love are like a disease: palpitations, loss of appetite, euphoria, a blush on the face, a slight dizziness, a tightening of the diaphragm, "butterflies in the stomach," a change in physical condition.

It is true as a disease, but a disease that is pleasant in every way, a disease that does not shackle you to your bed, but rather makes you run toward the object of your love, to strive for happiness.

Love can appear at any time, sometimes it is born suddenly, abruptly, when you do not expect it, and sometimes it takes a long time to mature. You can work with a person, become attached to him or her and only after a while realize that you have fallen in love. Or you can lose your head from someone in an instant, as they say, fall in love at first sight.

1.    You're happy and just a little bit nervous.

Classical love goes through several stages: in the first stage, people fall in love, lose their head and can't think about anything but the object of love. They do not sleep well and are forever in a state of anxious thinking about him. The second is attraction, the third is affection.

2.    Everything feels new and exciting.

3.    You want to know everything about them

If you do not realize that you fell in love, but you understand that something new and incomprehensible is happening, check the basic signs, maybe it's love: the time you are together is the best, the most pleasant and happiest, immediately after waking up you think about the object of your love, your loved one's interests become more important than yours, you are interested in them and literally begin to live them, wanting not just to know your partner, but literally know everything about them.

4.    Your relationship feels easy

You are ready for anything for the happiness of your loved one, you are not afraid to show your feelings, and the object of your love is the most wonderful person on this planet, and your feelings for him or her are unconditional and absolute.

5.    This person is on your mind all the time

And now it seems to you that you are absolutely happy, you are ready to shout about it to the whole world, absolutely everyone must know about the miracle, about the metamorphosis that happened to you and all this thanks to the most beautiful being in the universe. You literally idealize the person, it seems to you that you have been looking for him/het all your life and finally found your soul mate.

6.    You want to bring them around your family and friend

7.    You get just a little jealous.

You start to acquaint your love with friends, relatives, and if you think that someone, God forbid, said something wrong about your love, you immediately turn into an angry tiger, and overly benevolent look at the object of your love makes you feel the first hint of jealousy.

8.    You become more affectionate towards them

You want to get more attention from your object of love, to hear nice things in your address, compliments and, of course, declarations of love. You want to confirm the reciprocity of your feelings. Subtle hints, desires, seasoned with hints of jokes and not seriousness, all this is aimed only at one thing, to get warmth and tenderness from the object of your love.

9.    You start feeling a sense of empathy towards your partner

His/her pain is your pain, his/her problems are your problems. You begin to understand your partner, to feel, your empathy is off the charts. You try to help in any way possible, to solve all of your loved one's problems to make him or her happy.

10. You start planning for the future.

And then you are whirled and carried away by love. Here you are already planning your happy future with this person, drawing plans and building castles. And it seems to you that there is no end to this happiness and it will last forever.

You have "living pictures" before your eyes of your vacations together, of your adventures, of rainy evenings and winter sunrises.

You imagine yourself doing things you weren't capable of before, you are ready to share all the hobbies of your object of love and, in general, if you are together, that's enough, you can overcome any difficulties.


So if you realized that you are in love, do not wait, check or the object of your love, also looking for someone, find a wife on a dating site or husband. That way you will know for sure if the person is free, if she/he is looking for a relationship just like you.

But most importantly, try to keep this euphoria under control. Love turns our heads and makes us insane. We put on rose-colored glasses, and begin to perceive everything differently. Ordinary phrases, gestures or conversations are perceived by us as signs of affection and it seems to us that the feelings are mutual. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the real from the actual and not to become a hostage in your castle of illusions.

And even if everything has worked out, you have found your man, it is better to study all aspects of the relationship, get to know your partner, and just in case learn how to catch your wife cheating on social media or your husband.

After all, people change, love can unfortunately pass, or a person can get confused and stumble. So to avoid becoming a victim of cheating, sometimes it is better to trust, but to check.

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