12 fun challenges for couples to spice up your relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, a famous Hollywood couple, shared a video of them doing a couple challenge on social media. This made the trend more well-known. Since 2020, when it started, this exciting trend has taken social media by storm, changing and growing with new ideas and twists.

Couple challenges aren't just a way to see if you're compatible; they're also a chance to have fun together. They give new life to boring habits and keep relationships close, active, and interesting. Here, we've put together a list of interesting tasks from social media that you and your partner can try. Let's get started!


Participating in challenges not only improves communication and trust, but also strengthens resolve, sharpens skills for handling conflicts, and builds teamwork. By going through these challenges together, you can help each other and make your relationship grow in amazing ways. Here are some fun tasks for a couple to think about:

1. The Original Couple Challenge

In this light-hearted challenge, sit beside each other with closed eyes. A third person records a video, posing amusing questions about each other. Respond by pointing to yourself or your partner for each question. For instance, identify who's more romantic, a better cook, quicker to apologize after a quarrel, the funnier one, or tidier.

2. Whisper Challenge

In this comical challenge, one partner wears noise-canceling headphones, blaring music to block outside sounds. The other partner communicates a word or sentence through gestures, miming, and mouthing words. The hilarious confusion that arises as the headphone-wearing partner guesses wrong creates a memorable bonding experience.

3. Boyfriend-Does-My-Makeup

Challenge Uncover amusement as your partner (particularly one unfamiliar with makeup) uses your face as a canvas. While you remain silent with closed eyes, your partner applies makeup without guidance. The outcome could be amusing or even surprising, fostering appreciation for the effort behind makeup application.

4. The Floor Is Lava

Inject spontaneity into your outings with this spirited challenge. At any moment, one partner can yell 'the floor is lava' and count down from five. The other partner must find an elevated surface—like a sofa, bench, or chair—to stand on within the countdown. Failure results in a pre-agreed-upon punishment.

5. Blindfold Kissing

Blindfolded and handcuffed, both partners stand back-to-back, attempting to kiss each other on the lips. The rule is simple: only lips can touch lips. This challenge offers an intimate experience, allowing partners to explore each other through touch and voice.

6. Conjoined Twins

Discover teamwork's essence by completing tasks while physically connected. Wear oversized pajamas or use a rope to tie yourselves at the waist. This challenge involves activities like eating together, push-ups, running, and juggling while connected.

7. Seven Seconds

Test your partner's quick thinking with tasks that must be accomplished within seven seconds. Partners alternate as challengers, asking questions or assigning tasks. Tasks can range from listing things they love about each other to fetching items from the fridge within seven seconds.

8. Touch and Tell Challenge

Enhance sensory awareness by blindfolding one partner and having the other touch a part of their body. The blindfolded partner must identify the touched body part. Clues can be offered to ease the guessing.

9. Try Not to Laugh/Cry

Watch videos together and earn points whenever one partner laughs or cries. This fosters emotional bonding through shared experiences.

10. Not my Arms Couple

Wear a shared T-shirt, with one partner controlling both hands. Perform tasks using the hands of the partner behind you. This challenge promises hilarious outcomes.

11. Save Your Face Challenge

Ask each other questions, with incorrect answers met by a whipped cream smack to the face. Capture these moments for laughter later.

12. What is In My-Mouth

Blindfold one partner and have them guess food items placed in their mouth. This food-centric challenge is perfect for epicurean partners.

The Bottom Line

Couple challenges are a fun way to show your love and have a great time with your partner in a world that is always putting our relationships to the test. These challenges help build communication, trust, and foster teamwork. Accept the shared events that help you grow as a person and bring you closer together. As you go on these fun adventures together, you'll not only make memories you'll always remember, but you'll also improve the special bond between you that makes your relationship so special. Then, why wait? Dive into the world of couple tasks and find a new way to be together.

Jennifer Pearson, a relationship psychologist, says that couple challenges can be fun and bring people together, but they might not be right for all couples. "For some, these challenges may bring up areas of tension or set unrealistic goals without meaning to. Also, depending on these kinds of activities alone to make a relationship stronger could mean missing deeper problems that need to be talked about and solved in a more direct way", she notes.

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