15 worst things you shouldnt ever say to your partner

Many relationships become abusive because one or both partners don't know what not to say to each other. Thus, in any relationship, it's best to avoid saying certain upsetting things. While not necessarily unforgivable, words like these might cause serious harm to your partner's feelings. When you say something unpleasant to someone, you break trust, cause emotional harm, and strain your relationship. We'll go over 15 phrases you should never say to your partner and how to mend a broken relationship after harmful words have been said.


15 Phrases to Avoid in Your Relationship

If you want your relationship to last, you have to avoid at least words like "stupid" and "lame." A list below is an illustrative example of things you should avoid saying if you want your relationship last:

  1. "I wish I never met you." This statement can deeply wound your partner and lead to emotional withdrawal and friction in the relationship.

  2. "You have become fat."  Jokes about body weight can harm your partner's self-esteem and mental health, eroding trust.

  3. "You are crazy." Labeling your partner as "crazy" questions their judgment and can be deeply hurtful.

  4. "You are wrong to be angry." Telling your partner they are wrong to feel angry trivializes their emotions and can escalate conflicts.

  5. "You don’t turn me on anymore." This phrase can cause insecurity and trust issues in a relationship.

  6. "I don't care." This dismissive statement can trigger fear of abandonment and erode trust.

  7. "Your parents are the reason for…" Blaming your partner's parents can bring back painful memories and force them into a defensive position.

  8. "I hate you." Uttering these words in anger can create bitterness and doubt in the relationship.

  9. "You never…" Generalizing your partner's behavior can lead to arguments and undermine trust.

  10. "What have you ever done for me?" This phrase belittles your partner's efforts and sacrifices.

  11. "I wish you (or we) could be like…" Comparing your partner to others can damage self-esteem and trust.

  12. "You are my biggest mistake." Expressing regrets about the relationship can lead to doubt and insecurity.

  13. "It’s your fault that…" Blaming your partner shifts responsibility and escalates conflicts.

  14. "You are selfish!" Labeling your partner as selfish undermines trust and appreciation.

  15. "Shut up." Using this phrase in anger can be interpreted as rude and dismissive, harming communication.

How to Repair a Relationship After Hurtful Words

Here are 5 steps you should take to fix your hurtful habit:

  1. Acknowledge your mistake and admit fault.

    Recognize that you made a mistake by speaking hurtful words.

  2. Apologize sincerely.

    Offer a heartfelt apology to your partner without making excuses.

  3. Accept that the relationship may change.

    Understand that your words may have lasting effects on the relationship.

  4. Allow your partner space and time.

    Let your partner determine the pace of the relationship's recovery.

  5. Commit to avoiding hurtful words.

    Learn from your mistakes and make a conscious effort not to repeat them.

The Bottom Line

Words have the power to make a relationship better or worse. If abusive remarks have hurt your relationship and you want to fix it, follow these steps to rebuild trust and keep the lines of communication open.

A relationship psychologist named Wilda Harrison says, "Be aware of what we say, but it's as important to deal with the reasons why hurtful words come up. Sometimes the problem is deeper than what was said; unresolved problems and unmet needs can lead to hurtful ways of talking to each other. To fix a relationship, you need to do more than just say sorry. You need to deal with the problems at their roots and help your partner understand and care about each other."

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Protect your boundaries, get the help you need, and make sure that your relationship is based on honesty and trust. Try us for free today to take charge of the future of your relationship.

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