4 reasons why do guys cheat with their ex

4 Reasons Why Do Guys Cheat with Their Ex

For many, cheating with exes is like an extreme adventure, a trip on a time machine that allows you to once again feel what it was, to bring back former passion. 

The most commonly used pseudo reason is goodbye sex.

First reason to go back to your ex.

Sometimes the reason may lie in pure psychophysiology - the sensuality of the partners, the couple seems to have broken up, but it is the sensual connection that remains forever and periodically manifests itself in images, smells, and most often in dreams. For creative people (men) it is especially characteristic because they keep images of people for a long time and associate with them vivid emotions.  

And now, years later, when the couple is not communicating, it is enough to meet suddenly with a glance and a storm of memories overwhelms them. You can indulge yourself with illusions of emotional breakdown for a long time, but the fact remains that for the existing partner at this time, it is treason.

Revenge as a second reason for cheating with an ex

Sometimes the return to the ex, it is a plan of revenge, which grew out of the resentment, which he nurtured for a long time in relation to the ex, having already a new relationship. Having waited until the ex's personal life is already established, he begins a soft pursuit:

  • sudden meetings, then friendly encounters; 
  • light reminiscences, hints;
  • nice gifts, compliments. 

And as a result of sex, and at this time, he does not care at all what happens to the real partner, it is just used.

Don't forget about love.

Most who cheat with their exes have experienced unearthly love for their partner.

​When too little time has passed after breaking up with a partner, cheating is most likely. The reason, is an unfinished history with a previous partner for whom there are still feelings. Between the end and the beginning of a new relationship should pass time to sort things out, to normalize emotions.

Is sex the reason?

Previous sexual experiences play an important role. Men can compare, and then it is possible to go back to a previous sexual relationship, and since everything is tied to sex, and in life with an ex is like a cat with a dog, he keeps the relationship past and present, going for double cheating.


Why cheat with ex? Such a question is often asked, but not often try to figure out the relationship, find out the truth, it is much harder to find a solution, it is easier to believe in "I was drunk", "it was an accident", "it was not my fault, it was her fault", "someone sent me astray".

In order not to guess, not to suffer paranoia, and get rid of doubts, it is worth to use a convenient and simple online service from iFindCheaters, tinder search profile.

With it help, you can find out if your partner uses Tinder to communicate with his/her ex-partner, because Tinder is very popular and this is the best place to find contacts.

This tool will be very useful and has a number of indisputable advantages:

  1. Check your suspicions anonymously. Your partner won't find out about your doubts and if he or she is innocent, won't sow discord in your relationship.
  2. The tool is very easy to use. Even with minimal skills in the use of various programs, you will easily learn how to use it.
  3. Availability of a free trial. Before using it, you can try the tool in action without losing anything.
  4. The result is here and now. You don't have to wait for days or even hours. Checking is done in real time.

In any case, you need to remember that a relationship is a complex mechanism, and all relationships are unique. If you're checking up on your partner, that doesn't mean you don't trust him or her. It's a sign of your anxiety, and the best thing you can do about it is to end the doubts that are tormenting you.

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