4 tips on how to catch a boyfriend cheating

4 Tips on How to Catch a Boyfriend Cheating

How to find out by behavior that your boyfriend is a cheater? Signs of a spouse’s infidelity can be sudden mood changes, frequent lies about little things, excessive concern for the privacy of the phone, changes in sexual relations, and increased expenses. Let's talk in detail about what such behavior can signal and whether it is worth looking for the signs to catch a boyfriend cheating.

When Should I Start Checking?

Remember that you should catch your boyfriend cheating only when you have doubts and want to find indisputable evidence. Sometimes even the most reliable signs at first glance can be a ridiculous coincidence of circumstances. Of course, turning a blind eye to sudden changes in your spouse is not the best idea. However, following him all the time is worse for your relationships.

Tip 1: Noticing Changes in His Behavior

Unfaithful husbands often experience sudden mood swings. Meetings with an unfamiliar sexual partner cause a man to feel subconscious guilt. At the same time, he has been attracted to a new partner and experiences joy and a moral uplift from a secret meeting and messaging.

Such emotional swings cause changes in your boyfriend’s behavior. At one moment, a man shows excessive attentiveness and tenderness, and in the next moment, for no apparent reason, he becomes cold and gloomy.

The spouse often returns home in an uplifting mood and becomes depressed and pensive. Problems at work usually explain mood changes.

Tip 2: Checking His Stuff

If the husband is cheating, you can check his stuff, especially his car. The wife can also find out about the rival for two more reasons: someone else's feminine thing or perfect order in the salon, although the spouse was not observed with such cleanliness before. What may cause suspicion:

  • The presence of female hair on the seats;
  • Earrings, rings, small trinkets, and even underwear belonging to another woman in hidden stuff;
  • Prints of fingers, palms, or generally any parts of the body on the windows (visible when fogging);
  • Traces of women’s aroma (tonal cream, shadows, powder – it isn't easy to calculate, but sometimes it is very noticeable).

However, getting into the salon with an “inspection” will not be easy. It is quite possible that the husband will not leave his wife alone in the car for a long time.

Tip 3: Check His Phone Number List

Text messages, phone books, call and browser history, mail, and social networks are his files and possibly compromising information. A cheater does not necessarily behave suspiciously. He does not secretly talk on the phone and does not text someone every 10 minutes with a mysterious smile. However, there will surely be an answer to the question about his loyalty to his phone.

But checking one's phone is not the best decision as it invades one's space.

  • If your honey is guilty, then this will only accelerate the divorce, and such an intrusion will reduce his sense of guilt for the offended, already ex-wife;
  • If he is faithful, such a step will completely undermine trust, worsen the relationship and possibly lead to separation.

Therefore, before you start rummaging through your phone, it's better to think twice about the consequences. Men do not like it when women doubt and dig into their phones. Why should men like it?

Tip 4: Monitoring His Offline and Online Activity

How to catch a cheating spouse texting other women? Follow his every step! If a password suddenly appears on your spouse's smartphone and laptop, you should consider the reasons for such changes. When men begin to cheat on their spouses, men hypertrophy about the security of their phones and computers, they are in constant correspondence, and they close the screen to hide what they are talking about.

At the same time, they delete messages every day, clear their browser history, and do not part with their mobile even in the shower.

A sign of infidelity can also be the appearance of a second phone in the husband's possession. Usually, a man carefully hides it or claims it is "for work needs." When asked to check a mobile always finds good arguments to refuse.

Tip 5: Use a Safe and Anonymous iFindCheaters Service 

If none of the methods suit you and you feel uncomfortable following your love or using his phone, try purchasing one of the services of iFindCheaters agency. The tools offered on the Product page will help you anonymously monitor your partner's activity on social networks.

You should do nothing but know your boyfriend’s email. Tinder search by name and email address will give you complete information about active accounts on the chosen hook-up platforms that match your boyfriend’s name.

Get a full report about his latest activities and make your conclusion.

You can start a frank conversation if you have all the confirmation.

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