5 reasons why women are gold diggers

5 reasons why women are gold-diggers?

Gold-diggers have existed since the time, when rich men came into existence. History knows many such examples. They may all have different motives, but the goal they so scrupulously pursue is one: a rich man.

The Psychological Portrait of a Gold Digger

In addition to a common goal, they also have common character traits:

  • courage, almost like impudence;
  • an adventurous disposition;
  • the instinct of the huntress;
  • a fair degree of artistry;
  • and most importantly, a low level of reflection.

They are actually not prone to self-criticism, self-discovery, evaluation of their feelings, actions, values, emotions and feelings - they are quite thick-skinned, and empathy is not theirs at all.

Varieties of Gold Diggers

One category of gold diggers is the charming scheming, fat purse hunters. This type doesn't rush into bed with a target. The target is chosen carefully, the simpler the victim, the better. The huntress plays very cunningly and subtly, often forcing a man to fall in love with himself. As a result, she obtains the necessary material interest, and sometimes she simply steals his money and vanishes in an instant. More often than not, they are true recidivist fraudsters.

The next type are professional mistresses or concubines. It's simple, sex for material benefits.

Another category of gold - diggers are quite independent women, with some kind of career, who need a rich alpha male, because she is all so wonderful, worthy of the best, who will match her.

More and more, material values take precedence over spiritual values. Beautiful carefree life, expensive restaurants, beautiful beaches on the ocean, expensive cars, brands, modern cinema, glossy magazines, social networks are swarming with all this. How many girls have rushed in search of the easy life, even starting with the movie Pretty Woman in the 90s.

After all, some girls simply do not believe in love, they do not need warmth in a relationship, spiritual intimacy with their partner and, in the end, family. They are only interested in material goods, which they seek to get at any cost.

And the sweetest type of fortune hunter is the black widow.

How to distinguish the modern Gold - Digger:

  1. As ridiculous as it may sound, a common word they use is Bentley.
  2. They talk everywhere about their rich inner world.
  3. Maximum social media activity.
  4. Active nightlife.
  5. Frequent vacations abroad, and pictures from there, where she and only she.
  6. Regulars on courses, how to achieve her goals, how to find her goal and get the most information, how to behave in high society, etc.
  7. Very patient and actually doesn't get offended
  8. Rolled gold - diggers will never show that they are interested in money.

Causes of Gold Diggers

But what really lies behind this phenomenon? Why are gold diggers so common? There are several possible reasons.

  1. Inequality.

In different eras and periods, in different societies and classes, there has always been gender inequality. Women were inculcated with the thesis that they could only be with men, that their main purpose was to be a wife and mother, and that the only thing necessary for happiness was to marry well.

Of course, let's not forget the rather famous historical figures of the female sex, queens and warriors, politicians and orators, who showed by their example that the woman is not worse than a man, but also better.

  1. Upbringing.

Is the inheritance and logical continuation of the previous reason. Modern society has made a significant leap in achieving gender equality, but even now there are families in which the traditions of the past still prevail. Unhelpful parents raise their child as a commodity, preparing for a secure old age by passing off their child as successful and rich. What else can we expect from a girl who has been told all her life: "You don't need to be smart and learn, you don't need to work, you just need to be beautiful and find a rich husband.

  1. The propaganda of the luxurious life

Like everything else, modern technology has a downside. Along with a lot of quality content, movies and TV series, which really enrich human culture, there is a "fast food", and most importantly not very high quality. The spread of various social networks, "reality" shows, movies and TV series, which create the illusion of a simple and easy luxury life, to achieve which, you do not need to work, you do not need to create something and invest effort, literally they say that it is enough just "to shine", successfully publicize yourself, make yourself famous, even bad, and all your dreams will come true.

  1. The low level of morality.

For people whose main reference point in life is material values, the gold digger is literally the ideal profession. The psychological portrait of gold diggers, is a sample of a low moral person who does not care about feelings of people, for whom health and even life are less important than a fashionable accessory or desire to be in a trend. Such people are like a beautiful vase, shiny on the outside but completely empty on the inside.


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