5 sneaky ways to catch a cheater in the act

Some cheaters are so smart at what they do that it's amazing. To beat their plans, you need to step up your own, fight cunning with cunning, and get in touch with your inner spy.

Using a rented drone to follow them, putting a GPS tracker on their car, or using apps like Snapchat to track their moves are all good ways to catch cheaters, but there are other, smarter ways to catch even the most sneaky ones.


But if you think your partner is cheating, it's best to talk to them first. But if they keep denying any crime even though your gut tells you otherwise, it might be time to find proof.

Here are 5 remarkably discreet ways to apprehend a cheater.

Alexa, Is My Partner Cheating?

Smart speakers can be used to keep an eye on your partner without them knowing.

Smart speakers "listen" all the time and record audio when close voices are picked up, which is supposed to make the user's experience better. This interesting function, though, can be used for something else.

While setting up her Amazon Echo, Reddit user beckystone1991 found proof that her husband was cheating on her. This is how the story is told in the International Business Times:

By accident, when she was setting up her new Echo speaker, she found "sex session recordings." To her surprise, these recordings were tied to her husband's device through their shared family prime account.

Another person, whose name was, ironically, Alexa Bradley, thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. Bradley went away for the weekend and left Alexa, her smart speaker, to record talks while she was gone. The device caught both her boyfriend and another woman asking it to play songs, which gave her proof that she was right to be suspicious. These videos were sent to an app on Bradley's smartphone in a sneaky way.

How to pull off this sneaky move:

  • Get a "smart speaker."
  • Put the speaker in place.
  • Download the app that goes with your smart speaker, like the Alexa app.
  • Make sure that sound and, if possible, video recordings are saved on your phone.
  • Check out your speaker's "Drop-In" feature to listen through your gadget from afar. When this feature is turned on, some smart speakers make a sound.

If this doesn't work, you could install voice recording apps on your phone and "accidentally" leave it in their car. On the other hand, smart key finders can be used to play sound recordings from afar.

Google Autocomplete

Many knowledgeable cheaters delete their browser history, but not as many think to delete their Google autocomplete history.

Google's autocomplete predicts your searches as you type them into the search bar, keeping track of your search habits. This tool for making predictions can accidentally reveal things that were kept secret.


Clever cheaters often hide media, or text messages in image files that look harmless.

The harmless-looking outside hides a great trove of illegal information. This method is called "steganography."

To find these secret files, you need to know how your partner put them there in the first place. There are free software choices that can help you with this and help you find the truth.

Google Password Backdoor

Several "backdoors" let people get into someone's Google (or other) passwords without their permission. Even though these ways might be tempting, they are usually against the law.

Ways you might be able to get Google passwords:

  • Using Google Autofill on a shared computer.
  • Getting into Chrome's password organizer from a shared computer.
  • Using a bug in Google to get people's passwords.
  • Putting keylogger software on a computer.
  • Set up your fingerprint on your partner's phone so that you can use it to get into different accounts.

Search on Dating Sites and Social Media

If you want to find out the truth, you could use the best way to catch a cheater, that is both private and effective: look on dating sites and social media. Even though some cheaters may be tech-savvy, they can't completely hide their digital tracks. Especially, when you know how to find out if someone has dating profiles.

In this case, an email search on dating & social media sites could help you find out what's going on. iFindCheaters looks through over 55 popular dating and alternative lifestyle platforms to find any hidden profiles or activities that could be signs of cheating.

Run your first free search by following this link.

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