7 ways to catch someone who is cheating online

Open and honest communication would be the foundation of all interactions in a perfect world. But in fact, a cheating partner can make this kind of conversation hard to get to the truth. Even though the meanings of relationships are changing, cheating still happens, leaving many partners in question. A question arises: how to find out if your wife is cheating, if she won’t ever admit it?


Research from the Institute for Family Studies shows that 20% of married men and 13% of married women in the US are ready to admit that they have cheated on their partners.

If you think your partner is cheating on you, you've probably felt that terrible feeling. It's that feeling you can't get rid of: the unshakable conviction that your partner is having an affair. Since you've seen the warning signs, you want solid proof now.

Since technology is always getting better, cheating may be easier to do, but it's also easier to find. The following article will talk about some tech-savvy ways that will teach you how to find out if your wife is cheating online.


Is your partner fiercely protective of their phone? Do they carry it everywhere and keep it hidden, even placing it face down? Are they in the habit of locking the phone or using a privacy screen to shield their screen from prying eyes? Perhaps you’re on your way to know how to find out if someone has dating profiles.

Anyways, a person's smartphone often holds a trove of information, revealing insights into their daily life and behaviors. With following tips, you can easily catch a cheating wife or husband, using their online data:

1. The Google Chrome Password Hack

If your partner won't tell you their phone's lock code out loud and you can't watch it without them knowing, it can be hard to get in. You might be able to find out many of their passwords, though, if they are less careful with their computer passwords, especially for Google Chrome. You should find a good reason to ask them for their computer password.

Once you have the password, navigate to the Chrome browser, proceed to Settings, and access Passwords and Autofill. Within the password log page, you can review sites that require passwords. Scan for any suspicious or inappropriate sites (for instance, Ashley Madison) and use the computer password you obtained to reveal obscured passwords.

2. Try Keyloggers

Keyloggers are pieces of software that can be installed on a computer without anyone knowing. Since the keylogger works in the background, the person who is cheating might not be aware that it is there. These programs can keep track of the user's actions and record things like passwords, emails sent, websites viewed, and more.

3. Review Location History

You can track your partner's location history if they use Google. By accessing the "previous destinations" menu option in the navigation system (with the requisite permissions), you can view their tracked locations. For Android users, Google Timeline within the Google Maps app or online can serve the same purpose if they are logged in.

Alternatively, entering "Find My Phone" in the search bar can display the phone's current location.

4. Check Uber and Waze

Uber offers a safety feature that allows users to share their ride status indefinitely with trusted contacts. If your partner uses Uber or a similar ride-sharing app, request that they add you as a trusted contact.

By navigating to the app's Settings and selecting "Manage Trusted Contacts," you can receive notifications for all their rides. Waze, meanwhile, maintains a drive history accessible by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, with each destination accompanied by a clock icon.

While it may not provide exhaustive details, it can alert you to recurring unfamiliar destinations or those saved as favorites.

5. Check Messaging Apps

A discreet look into your partner's message apps might be a good idea if they are very protective of their phone. Keep in mind that normal text chat apps like iMessage might not show you much.

You should still look through the messages to see if there are any personalized "do not disturb" posts. People often use WhatsApp to talk to each other in secret, and don't forget to look through your "Archived Chats."  Smart cheaters could use sharing Notes apps on iPhones or work together on Google Docs.

Another way to keep an eye on things is to use special software to see your partner’s chat apps activities. For instance, iFindCheaters can help you catch a cheating husband through text messages.

6. Look Through Bank Statements

For couples with joint accounts, monitoring transactions is a straightforward method. Keep an eye out for unfamiliar charges, such as those related to lingerie, jewelry, or hotel and restaurant bills.

Don't overlook digital payment methods like PayPal or rewards points, as they may also hint at infidelity.

7. Learn About Their Internet Habits

Most people who cheat won’t ever admit it, unless it’s a situation where a wife catches husband cheating. So, the best option is to catch a cheating husband barehanded. For instance, this service can get you a full report of your partner’s online activities. It’s probably the best option, when it comes for proof – if you know what they’re doing online, you can easily find any cheating evidence.

Another option is to simply start with a question: “how to find out if someone has dating profiles?”. This way, there’s a free solution. It scans over 55 popular social media and dating sites for your partner’s fake profiles.

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