8 signs of relationship self sabotage how to deal with it

Have you ever thought that you might hurt your relationship without even knowing it? Have you ever found yourself pushing your partner away or canceling dates? Maybe you're avoiding taking your relationship to the next level? If so, you might be engaging in self-sabotage. But don't worry, there are ways to understand the causes and find ways to cope. Let's explore how together.

Causes of Self-Sabotaging Behaviors in Relationships

Self-sabotaging behaviors in relationships can have various causes that are unique to each individual. Past experiences, childhood, and early relationships shape our behavior patterns.

Childhood Experiences

One common cause of self-sabotaging behavior is a fear of intimacy, which often stems from childhood trauma, such as physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. People who have experienced this trauma may find it challenging to trust others and believe that those they are close to will ultimately hurt them.

Types of Fears

This fear of intimacy manifests in two ways: fear of abandonment and fear of engulfment. The former is a fear of being left vulnerable, while the latter is a fear of losing one's independence and identity. These fears often coexist, leading to a pattern of push-and-pull behavior.

Reasons for Self-Sabotage in Relationships

Several reasons may lead individuals to self-sabotage their relationships, such as fear of abandonment or getting hurt, trust issues stemming from past negative experiences, unrealistic expectations, poor self-esteem, and lack of relationship skills.

8 Self-Sabotage Warning Signs in Romantic Relationships

There are various signs that suggest you may have a tendency to self-sabotage even the most promising romantic relationships.

1. Seeking an Exit

You avoid anything that leads to a deeper commitment, such as meeting the parents, moving in together, and so on. You are always wondering, "How can I easily extricate myself from this relationship if things go wrong?" Since commitment reduces your ability to leave a relationship without suffering financial or emotional consequences, you tend to steer clear of it. You may start withdrawing from the relationship or becoming distant. In some cases, you may even begin to avoid spending time with your partner.

2. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a type of emotional abuse that aims to deny the other person's reality or experiences. For instance, if your partner says, "I'm really upset that you canceled our date," you respond with something like, "You're not really upset. It's your fault I canceled, and you're just trying to blame me for it." Gaslighting is a clear indication that you do not truly believe your partner's feelings are valid or real, despite their authenticity.

3. Serial Dating

Your friends may ask you why you break up with potential partners so frequently or express disappointment that you never seem to settle down with anyone. You terminate relationships over trivial issues only to start dating someone else right away, repeating the cycle. You do not want to be perceived as a "player," but you struggle to find someone to commit to.

4. Jealousy

You are constantly anxious that your partner may be seeing someone else behind your back. You demand control over every aspect of their life and require constant contact. When they spend time with other people without you, you become worried, send incessant texts, feel jealous, and ask for evidence that they are faithful. As a result, they break up with you due to your controlling nature.

5. Criticism

You constantly seek perfection in a partner, despite knowing it is unattainable. You nitpick every little thing they do, from the way they cook to the clothes they wear. You are impossible to please, and your partner eventually gives up trying and ends the relationship.

6. Avoidance

You spend a lot of time convincing yourself that the relationship is flawless, even when it is not. When your partner wants to address an issue, you either avoid the topic or say, "I don't think we have a problem; it will go away." Your partner grows resentful of your inability to confront problems together and decides to leave.

7. Grudges

Holding a grudge against your partner means that your anger never dissipates. It takes a lot of effort to remain upset. Irrespective of what your partner does, you will always revert to those grudges. It is a way of protecting yourself by pushing the other person away. As long as you remain angry, nobody can get close to you.

8. Low Self-Esteem

You consistently talk down on yourself, using self-deprecating language such as "I'm not as intelligent as you," "I'm just an idiot, why are you with me?," "You're only with me because you feel sorry for me," and so on. This is an indication of low self-esteem, and most people do not enjoy being told that they love someone who is worthless. Despite their constant reassurances that you are a good person, if you continue to belittle yourself, they may give up and end the relationship.

5 Tips for Ending Self-Sabotage in Relationships

Putting an end to self-sabotaging behavior requires a willingness to take an honest look at yourself and your actions. Recognizing the ways in which you have hurt others due to fear of intimacy is the first step towards change. Seeking therapy is a common and effective way to address self-sabotage. A therapist can help you identify negative patterns, explore the root of your issues, and develop healthier behaviors.

1. Work on Your Attachment Style

Attachment theory provides a framework for understanding how childhood experiences can impact adult behavior in relationships. Insecure attachment styles, such as anxious, avoidant, or disordered, can lead to issues in developing strong connections with others. However, with the help of a therapist, you can work towards developing a more secure attachment style by confronting your fears and challenging false beliefs about relationships.

2. Take Responsibility

Acknowledging your role in damaging relationships is essential to overcoming self-sabotage. Recognize that no relationship is perfect and that setting yourself and your partner up for failure will only lead to disappointment. Being vulnerable and recognizing your own issues with abandonment and rejection is crucial in tackling these problems.

3. Identify Your Triggers

Self-sabotage and fear of intimacy can lie dormant until triggered by certain words, actions, or places. Understanding your triggers can help you avoid them or work on them to lessen their impact.

4. Let Go of the Past

Self-sabotage often stems from past experiences, but it's important to remember that the present is different from the past. Learning to let go of past hurt and focusing on the present can help you make decisions based on what's happening now, instead of reacting to past experiences.

5. Open Up

Expressing your emotions, fears, and needs is key to overcoming self-sabotage and fear of intimacy. Avoiding these conversations may feel safer, but it only perpetuates the problem. By communicating openly, you can identify issues and allow others to better understand you. Self-sabotaging behaviors can wreak havoc on relationships, causing hurt and damage to both partners involved.

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