9 ways to spy on a cheating wife

Do you have the unsettling feeling that your wife might be cheating on you, but you don't have any proof? Maybe you've had that nagging feeling, or you've noticed small changes in your spouse’s behavior or a growing mental distance. When you can't prove your suspicions, these feelings can lead to paranoia, self-doubt, and feelings of being betrayed.


In order to find the truth, you need to know how to spot signs that your partner is cheating. In movies, finding someone cheating on their partner in the act seems easy, but it's often a lot harder than that. So, it's important to look into these ten discreet ways to find cheating wife, from spy apps to hiring a private investigator.

Spying should be a last option, though. The best way to find out if your partner is cheating on you is to talk to them openly and honestly. Still, straight confrontation might not be possible for everyone, especially if the relationship is already bad or if you don't trust your partner to be honest.

If you try to blame your partner without proof, you might unintentionally give them more room to lie. If you're sure that talking to someone won't help you understand, try one of these 9 ways to find cheating wife:

1. Monitor Their Phone Activity

Keeping an eye on your partner's phone for evidence of infidelity is a well-known strategy. Catching a cheating partner can be relatively straightforward when you can review call logs and text messages. However, many people protect their phones with locks, necessitating subtler observation of push notifications.

Some unfaithful individuals maintain a second phone, often disguised as a work or emergency device. Others may hide it entirely. A more extreme measure involves acquiring a separate SIM card for clandestine activities. If you happen to discover one, you can extract data and trace the numbers to uncover the extent of their communication.

2. Use Location Tracking Technology

If physically trailing someone feels uncomfortable, location tracking technology offers an alternative. By connecting Apple devices to the same family account with location sharing enabled, you can access your partner's whereabouts through iCloud. Similarly, Google users can view location history in the "previous destinations" menu, while Android users can utilize the Google Timeline feature in Google Maps.

For those without compatible devices, consulting a private investigator provides a legal and confidential means of physically locating a person.

3. Look at their Search Engine's Auto-Fill

When your partner erases their search history to conceal infidelity, their auto-fill history might still offer insights. Search engines like Google and Bing provide suggestions based on past searches. Type in a few letters, and observe the auto-fill suggestions. You might uncover incriminating sites, such as the infamous Ashley Madison.

4. Scrutinize Digital and Physical Trash Bins

While your partner may delete digital files from their computer's trash bin, they might overlook it. Regularly check the trash bin for suspicious documents. Additionally, examine the bin for files with titles that seem overtly conspicuous or unusually mundane, as they could serve as valuable clues.

For those willing to explore further, inspecting your partner's physical trash bin might reveal incriminating receipts, love notes, or other evidence.

5. Deploy Hidden Spy Cameras

There are many ways to catch a cheating partner without them knowing. These include spy cameras that turn on when something moves near them and everyday items, like smoke detectors and speakers, that cleverly hide hidden cameras.

Consider a baby monitor, which is cheap and can be hidden in a room where your partner spends a lot of time alone. This lets them be watched or listened to in real time if there are doubts.

6. Install Spy Apps

There are apps made for this reason that can be used to spy on a spouse. If you put one of these apps on your partner's phone, you can see what they wrote, what websites they went to, and even their passwords.

There are both paid and free spy apps out there. Choose an app that fits your spying needs, like one that lets you keep track of the websites your partner visits if you think he or she is looking at infidelity-related sites.

7. Use a Landline Recorder

If you have a landline, you can use a landline recorder to record both parts of a phone call. Just plug the recorder into a landline phone socket like the ones used by BT, and you can listen to the records later. You could also listen in by putting an extra phone in an area of the house that is rarely used and plugging it into a phone jack.

If you want to listen in on a talk without being caught, take the mouthpiece off the phone or stay quiet and still during the whole thing.

8. Deploy Stealthy Voice Recorders

Voice recorders that can be placed inconspicuously on desks, in cars, or around the house are another choice. Choose the recorder based on what you think your partner is doing to cheat on you. For example, if you think they're having an affair in their car, you could get a key fob recorder or a voice recording pen hidden in a pen holder.

9. Look for Hidden Dating and Social Media Profiles

There are usually two ways how to catch a cheater online. The first way to find cheating wife is to spend hours manually swiping through all of the most popular dating sites, hoping to find their picture (or dreading the idea that you might). Or, if you know how to find out if someone has dating profiles, you could run an email search, which is the second choice. You can find out in seconds if they have any dating pages by searching their email.

As Jennifer Pearson, a relationship psychologist, notes, suspicion of infidelity can be deeply distressing. However, she warns: "Relying only on sneaky methods like spying or tracking technology can make people in a relationship feel even more suspicious and mistrustful. A better way to solve problems, even when things are tough, is to encourage open communication and talk about problems directly. Trust is the basis of any relationship, and repairing it should be given more attention."

It's harder to find someone's profile on a dating site than it is to find their secret social media accounts. But if you want to be your own private detective, pour yourself a glass of wine, sit down on the couch, and try this free tool. It can search through 55+ popular social media and dating sites, leaving no way for a cheater to stay anonymous.

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