a woman shares her way how to catch boyfriend cheating

A woman recently shared a "genius" strategy she used to catch her partner cheating, capturing the attention of over 6.4 million viewers. Alexandra Cooper, 29, host of the popular "Call Her Daddy" podcast, confessed her past antics, stating, "I used to be crazy. Yes, I was intense, but all in good fun." Cooper recounted her time in college, when she dated a guy from Florida, recalling how he left his phone unguarded — a dream come true for her.


So, how to catch boyfriend cheating? Despite privacy worries, Cooper went ahead as she saw a chance she couldn't pass up.

She explained, "This guy had been telling me, ‘You're the only one I'm talking to. I love you. You're my only one since we started.'"

She didn't let the moral problem stop her; she faced a technical problem: "How do I crack his password?"

She guessed his Netflix password on the first try, this let her use his phone without any problems.

Right away, she read all of his text messages and found that he had been talking to other women.

One message stood out: an invitation for someone named "Kaylee" to enter his home while he was away.

Cooper called, hiding her number with *67, but the call went to voicemail, which showed Kaylee's name.

Cooper was set on finding the truth, so she used Google to look for bars near his home in Port St. Lucie. He eventually managed to narrow the list down to seven.

She called each bar, posing as a friend of Kaylee's, until one confirmed her employment.

Armed with this information, Cooper confronted her boyfriend, concocting a story about overhearing gossip from a friend at Boston University.

Her boyfriend admitted to the affair, confirming Cooper's deep  investigation. In her words, "It's brilliant work by me."

Well, we should've been told that: when you get into someone's phone without their permission, you are invading their privacy. And this can hurt trust and relationships. Catching your partner cheating may feel fine at the time, but in the long run, it usually leads to more trust issues and emotional pain.


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