an it professional suspects his wifes cheating sets up a public reveal

This guy probably knows how to do a tinder search without registering! Cheating is never a good thing, especially in a relationship built on trust. And honestly? Exposing someone publicly might feel good briefly, but it won't fix the deeper issues. The story revolves around an IT professional (let's call him Bob) who worked with a friend suspecting his wife's infidelity. This happened in the pre-smartphone era.


Bob was worried about his wife's social circle, especially after one of her close friends got caught cheating and tried to implicate her too. With no evidence, things calmed down for a while.

Being a skilled IT guy, Bob contemplated various ways to catch her. A year later, after his wife acted suspiciously following her high school reunion, he confided in a friend (the narrator). They discussed using a keylogger as a joke.

Eventually, Bob couldn't let it go and, against the friend's advice, created a graphic website exposing his wife's affair with another married man.

Months later, the friend received a link early in the morning from Bob, shared in a group chat with everyone they knew. It seemed fishy, but it turned out to be a legitimate link. Pics and videos of Bob's wife with her boyfriend were posted on the website, along with rude comments.

The friend called Bob, who was intoxicated and upset, having spent the night creating the website. After convincing him to take it down, they heard a commotion in the background as Bob's wife discovered the website.

The aftermath was chaotic. Bob's wife wanted to reconcile, but the damage was irreversible. Bob had used a keylogger to capture screenshots when she logged into the PC or Facebook to communicate with her lover.

Despite attempts to salvage the relationship, Bob couldn't overlook the hurtful comments about him made by his wife. They divorced, and both ended up unhappy. Bob, in a drastic change, left town, gained weight, and cut ties with friends and family. The narrator has no updates on Bob's current life.

"It may not be popular opinion, but I think that telling everyone about someone's affair can make things worse without fixing the real issues. For Bob, talking about what he did might have made things a little better for a while, but it probably made him feel even worse in perspective. It means he needs better ways to heal and be able to trust again," notes Wilda Harrison, a relationship psychologist.


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