beware of the cheatwave how sunny weather triggers a spike in infidelity

As the UK basks in Caribbean-esque temperatures, loved-up Brits are being warned about an unexpected consequence known as the "cheatwave." An expert says that hot weather can make people feel much hornier than usual, which can lead to more cheating.


Last year, when the mercury reached 30°C on June 10, sign-ups to the nation's leading marital affairs site soared by 64%. The same trend is repeating this year. Jessica Leoni from claims that hot weather is directly responsible for this phenomenon.

"We often see a pattern of cheating during heatwaves on Illicit Encounters," she told MailOnline. "Last year, during a June heatwave, we experienced a 54% increase in site traffic. The novelty of prolonged hot weather makes us more excited, and usual rules seem not to apply."

This belief aligns with previous research showing that more time in the sun can boost libido by increasing sex-steroid hormones like estrogen and progesterone, as well as testosterone in men. Additionally, attraction tends to increase in hotter temperatures, making people more willing to engage in sexual encounters.

The combination of spending more time outdoors, being social, and feeling the summer vibe contributes to the likelihood of engaging in infidelity. "Jess," a 37-year-old who had an affair during the hot weather, stated that being outdoors and embracing life during summer made her feel more confident and open to new experiences.

A poll of 1,000 new Illicit Encounters members revealed that 71% agreed that hot weather made them hornier. Additionally, nearly 70% admitted that it was a contributing factor in their decision to sign up to the site.

Experts suggest that hot weather triggers a sense of freedom and fun reminiscent of childhood summers, leading some to think that normal rules don't apply during these months. The increased social interactions and tendency to wear less clothing during hotter weather create an environment conducive to cheating.

While the "cheatwave" phenomenon may be a reality, it is essential to remember that infidelity is a complex issue. Regardless of external factors, honesty and communication are vital in any relationship.

"Fascinating to see how external factors like weather can influence human behavior. Long things short: the "cheatwave" phenomenon is about how increased temperatures can boost libido and alter social dynamics, making infidelity more likely.

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