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Googling for something like “how to find people on Tinder?” We know, that’s probably the reason why you’re reading this post.

Some good news for you from the very start: a recent research says that Facebook made it easier to make a Tinder account search. How? That’s pretty easy: by connecting Meta data to Tinder. Still confused? Then, let’s start with more basic stuff.



Yes! Tinder's creators aimed to create a platform where people feel comfortable connecting with those who want to connect with them, bridging the gap for meeting new people outside their social circles. That’s why they allowed Facebook profile linking.

And the result? Users gave away a lot of personal information by linking their Tinder and Facebook accounts without meaning to. Some of this information came straight from their Facebook profiles, like their first name, age, gender, distance, and hobbies.

Sounds too good to be true? Then check out this Tinder account search tool. It works even without FB connection, gathering data directly from Tinder. Below we’ll show how exactly it works.


Okay, we already know that by combining data from Facebook, Tinder was able to see users' social networks, hobbies, and even photos, which made its matching algorithms much better. But it doesn't stop there!

After the initial setup, Tinder continues to collect a lot of information from all of its users through every interaction on the app. Every swipe, match, and message exchange gives us useful information about how people act, giving us a full picture of their likes, dislikes, habits, and trends.

This huge collection of data is also used by advertisers and researchers to run targeted ads and do sociological study. This data makes Tinder not only a dating app, but also a powerful database that can predict how users act.


Okay, if a problem on the internet exists… there should be an app for that! You got us right, there are many Tinder search tools available, and most of them use data from Facebook.

Like, Tinder lookup tool called Tinder Blaster allows you to browse dating profiles using data directly from Tinder.

Here’s how it works. You should input some basic user info:

  • name,
  • location,
  • approximate age of the person you're interested in.

Then, it gathers data from Tinder and shows you profiles that match these criteria.

You can browse these profiles without needing a Tinder account. For a small additional fee, opt for an extended search to widen the age range and search radius. If you find the profile you're looking for, you can request a profile update to reveal their Tinder ID and more details.


Still have questions? Here we’ve got them:

How does Facebook make it easier to find people on Tinder?

Facebook connects its data to Tinder, which makes it easier to find Tinder accounts by using information from Facebook profiles.

How can I tell if my Facebook friend is on Tinder?

To check, visit their profile, tap ‘About,’ scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Apps & Games’ under ‘Likes’ to see if Tinder is listed. If not, they might still be on Tinder but just not showing it on Facebook.

How to find people on Tinder without a Facebook connection?

There are tools like Tinder Blaster that allow you to do a Tinder account search, using data directly from Tinder, even without a Facebook connection.

How does Tinder Blaster work?

To use Tinder Blaster, input basic user information such as name, location, and approximate age. The tool gathers data from Tinder and shows profiles matching these criteria. You can browse these profiles without needing a Tinder account.


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