can you cheat in an open relationship

The main characteristic of an open relationship and the way in which it differs most often from an ordinary relationship is the very form of the contract and the existence of rules. Whereas an ordinary relationship is never actually stipulated, it is perceived as something that has been established since the institution of marriage was founded.

Therefore, before entering into an open relationship, one should carefully study all the features and nuances of this status, no matter how tempting the possibilities of freedom of action and contact with a permanent partner may seem, especially to those for whom monogamy seems a relic of the past.

It is also worth thinking about the participants in your open relationship. Perhaps among your circle, there are people who would be willing to share such a relationship with you, because it is much more comfortable to spend time with someone familiar, especially in such a delicate situation. If you feel uncomfortable asking directly, you could, with your partner, use the help of an online tool and find  tinder profile of your acquaintances or friends.

And most importantly, you should not confuse free relationships, which involve one main partner, in priority, with polyamorous relationships, which allow for love and partnership with several people at once. 

The "sharp corners" of an open relationship

In addition, it is extremely rare for both partners to be willing to agree on an open relationship, much more often one partner offers the other the idea of an open relationship, and the other goes along with it out of love or fear of losing a loved one, so go experiment for yourself. 

However, you must remember that if you have no experience in free relationships, it is quite possible that you will not be able to do it, because unpreparedness for this kind of relationship makes you step over yourself, change your behavior, step over the stereotypes and rules, which carries a great psychological and emotional burden. At the same time, open relationships can damage self-esteem and self-confidence, since the human psyche tends to compare, in this case, itself with other partners of the beloved.

In addition to the mental burden, open relationships increase the risk of physical danger to the body, such as sexually transmitted infections or unplanned pregnancy.

An open relationship also involves clear planning and division of responsibilities, because you have to know how much time you should spend with each partner. You will have to contain your emotions and feelings when you see your lover going on a date, or when you think about whether he or she is having a good time with the other partner during the date.  

When is sex in an open relationship not cheating?

For the benefit and reassurance of both parties agreed: 

  • how many partners there can be at the same time;
  • how many times you can have sex;
  • the type of acceptable sex;
  • any other sexual aspects you want to agree on. 

Another important aspect of an open relationship is honesty. 

Be honest with your partner about what's going on with others, don't suppress or hide what you feel or what you need from your partner, trust will prevent jealousy and cheating. In other words, it is not cheating when all aspects of sexuality, acceptable to the two parties, when everyone observes the terms of the "contract" and does not try to hide, conceal or deceive.

When can sex in an open relationship be considered cheating?

Yes, even in an open relationship there is cheating when one starts hiding something, abusing the trust of the other, an open relationship is based on honesty, trust, communication, respect.  

The meaning of cheating can be different and depends on the specific person, the specific relationship and your agreements with those with whom you are dating.

As an example, you are in a relationship with a man who, a few months after you started living together in an open relationship, decided to start dating his ex again without telling you about it, which became known a couple of months later, and ended up deciding to stay with her only when he was caught. His act is a serious breach of trust and a real betrayal.

 For others, cheating in an open relationship may involve the lover exceeding the number of partners agreed upon in advance. Or the type of sex, or sex with someone who clearly displeases the partner and it was talked about.

Trust in an open relationship.

An open relationship does not come with trust, if you have established an open relationship, it does not mean that you will not be tormented by doubts, suspicions and even jealousy.

The basic rule in an open relationship is communication. You have to talk through every moment, make sure that all the rules suit both of you.

But there are times when you still haven't found yourself, you want to know who your partner is spending time with, whether he is sticking to all the agreed rules.

In such a case, the online tool  iFindCheaters can help you, and find spouse on dating sites.

Whether you decide to have an open relationship, whether it is right for you and whether you are ready for it is up to you. But remember the most important thing, you have to make sure that you and your partner feel comfortable, and most importantly, that an open relationship is a big challenge where openness to your partner and trust are key.

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