couple married after cheating on their partners

A couple from Tennessee met at Walmart and despite both being married, were "drawn to each other".

Brad and Chelsea Downs fell in love in 2012 whilst they were both working at the supermarket. At the time, Brad was the branch manager and Chelsea worked at the store’s salon.

That is how their love story began: “I had a problem with ants in the salon and had to get Brad to sort it out for me”, Chelsea recalled.

Despite the following circumstances, including the 21-year age difference, the two fell in love instantly. They started dating for three weeks and went to the neighborhood park every night. 

The couple tried to keep it secret, but their cover was blown when the family member followed Chelsea to the park and demanded the couple tell the truth.

"I had no choice but to tell my husband," said Chelsea in an interview with South West News Service. "It wasn't well received."

Chelsea, who had a two-year-old daughter says, that she was met with disapproval from the local community when she began dating Brad.

She said that people called her a “homewrecker” and accused her of being a “hoe”, claiming that she should lose custody of her daughter because of the affair.

Despite the criticism, they fell deeper in, and after dating for five years, they tied the knot in July 2017.

Chelsea said that although she felt guilty for betraying her spouse, she also felt some relief that her unhappy marriage was over.

“I lost myself and had no fire, passion, or drive,” she said about her previous relationship.

The couple had their son, 7-year-old Carson, in March 2014.

Brad's daughter, Jessica, is two years younger than Chelsea. She took some time to accept her dad's new relationship, but now she's a great supporter.

"Jessica is like one of my best friends," Chelsea says. "It's like we grew up together."

Mr. Downs agreed: "People will say to me, 'Is this your daughter and your grandson?’ But once people get to know us, they understand it's not a big deal at all."

Courtesy Chelsea Downs / SWNS

Chelsea and Bred are feeling happy together now despite all the troubles they've had in the past.

“It took years for me to be OK with myself,” said Chelsea. “I have forgiven myself, and we have asked for forgiveness from our ex-spouses and God... it was an unconventional way to start a relationship and a family, but it worked.

“It sounds so cliche, but you should follow your heart — it knows exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to see where life takes you”, she says.

"It's interesting how love can find itself in strange places like Walmart! Even though Brad and Chelsea's story had a happy ending, it shows how cheating can be very painful for everyone involved. It's a strong reminder to be careful with our affections and relationships," says Wilda Harrison, a relationship psychologist.

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