exclusive heartbroken brother reveals the betrayal that led to mothers tragic death

A devastating revelation has come to light regarding the tragic plane crash in the Amazon jungle, which claimed the life of a mother and left her four children stranded for 40 days. Manuel Ranoque, the father of two of the siblings, abandoned Magdalena Mucutuy Valencia, his wife of seven years, for another woman. Valencia's brother, Dairo Mucutuy, spoke exclusively to, disclosing the heartbreaking details of Ranoque's betrayal and how it led to the ill-fated airplane journey.


According to Dairo, Valencia had clung to the hope of reconciling with Ranoque, unaware of his infidelity. It was this hope that prompted her to gather her children without informing her family and embark on the fateful journey. Ranoque, who claims his rights over all four surviving children, initially left their Indigenous community for Bogota, alleging threats from FARC guerrillas in their homeland. However, he later returned to Bogota and brought the woman he had an affair with back to their community, devastating Valencia.

Dairo explained that Ranoque continued to give Valencia false hope of rekindling their relationship, even as he left Bogota again. The circumstances surrounding the tragic plane crash remain unclear, but Dairo believes his sister may have been deceived into making the journey to Bogota. The crash took the lives of Valencia, the pilot, and an Indigenous leader, while the four children miraculously survived in the jungle until their rescue.

While the children recover in a military hospital in Bogota, a custody battle has ensued between Valencia's family and Ranoque. The Colombian Institute of Family Welfare has assigned a case officer to assist the children at the request of their maternal grandparents. Dairo expressed his desire for the children to remain together due to the bond they formed during their harrowing ordeal. He also emphasized the need to prioritize their well-being and safety, urging Ranoque not to fight for custody.

Dairo dismissed Ranoque's conflicting accounts of Valencia's survival after the crash, affirming that she died instantly. He cautioned against Ranoque's claims of threats from FARC guerrillas, stating that such allegations could endanger the entire family. In light of these revelations, has provided an in-depth background to the tragedy, including the identity of Lesly and Soleiny's father, Andres Jacombaire, who is also involved in supporting the children.

Photographs of the children recovering in the hospital were released exclusively by, along with moving drawings they made of the rescue dog, Wilson. Wilson, a Belgian Shepherd, played a crucial role in locating the children but remains missing in the Amazon rainforest. Additional details of the children's survival in the jungle were disclosed by their grandfather, Narciso, who recounted their resourcefulness and resilience in the face of danger.

The remarkable rescue mission defied all odds, with the children enduring a hostile jungle environment teeming with predators. Though they were dehydrated, malnourished, and insect-bitten upon discovery, rescuers reported that they were otherwise in good health. The children's grandmother, Maria, expressed her unwavering hope throughout the search and expressed her joy upon their rescue. President Gustavo Petro of Colombia, who visited the children in the hospital, referred to them as children of both the jungle and the nation.

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