first meeting with your partners parents 10 dos and donts

Meeting your partner's parents is a significant milestone in any serious relationship. The timing of this meeting depends on various factors, including personal preferences, the nature of your relationship, and cultural considerations. To determine if it's the right time, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you both committed as a couple?
  • Have you met each other's friends?
  • Has your partner met your friends and family?
  • Are you in an exclusive and committed relationship?
  • Do you believe your relationship is heading towards a future together, and have you discussed this?

Once you've established that the timing is right, plan and approach the meeting with confidence and ease. Avoid common mistakes that can hinder a good first impression, such as excessive phone use, excessive drinking, public arguments, inappropriate attire, being judgmental, insincere, or dishonest, arriving late, bringing up your partner's ex, or displaying cultural insensitivity.


The health of your relationship depends on your ability to get along well with your partner's family. If your spouse places a high value on their family's input, then being well-received by them can significantly enhance your happiness and connection.

Here are ten tips to help you navigate the first meeting successfully:

1. Prepare and Align with Your Partner

Recognize that your partner may also feel nervous, so approach this step as a team. Communicate openly about your expectations for the meeting and take the time to learn about each other's family backgrounds. Discuss any specific family dynamics, values, or traditions that you should be aware of.

2. Inform Your Partner's Parents

It's especially important for your partner to inform their parents beforehand, particularly if you're an interracial couple or practice different religions. These differences can potentially add extra tension during the first meeting. Also, make sure your partner communicates any dietary restrictions you may have if a meal is involved to avoid any awkward situations.

3. Consider the Setting and Circumstances

Understand how the location, occasion, duration of the visit, and the number of people present can impact the dynamics of the meeting. Set realistic expectations based on these factors. Meeting the parents for a nearby dinner is different from spending a week at their home in another state. The vibe will also differ depending on whether it's a one-on-one meeting or a large family gathering, event, wedding, or religious ceremony.

4. Bring a Gift

Showing up with a small gift, such as flowers, wine, dessert, or a candle, can make a positive impression. Consider the occasion and if you'll be dining or staying at their home, or if it's a special holiday. Check out creative gift ideas to make it personal and thoughtful.

5. Dress Appropriately

When meeting the parents, it's best to dress conservatively and avoid provocative attire. Inquire about the family's style and dress code, aiming to match their expectations.

6. Make an Effort to Connect

Despite any nerves, actively participate in making the meeting a success. Engage in conversations, ask questions, demonstrate genuine interest in getting to know them, listen attentively, and maintain appropriate eye contact and open body language. Don't hesitate to express your admiration for their child, as parents love to hear that.

7. Respect their Traditions and Routines

Recognize that every family has unique traditions and routines. Be open-minded and respectful of their ways, even if they differ from your own upbringing. For example, if the family has a rule of sleeping in separate rooms, honor their wishes while staying in their home.

8. Good Manners

Avoid excessive public displays of affection that might make others uncomfortable. Offer to help and assist, even if your offer is declined. Be punctual, polite, and avoid oversharing personal details or engaging in heated debates. Show gratitude by expressing thanks in person and following up with a thoughtful thank-you note after the meeting.

9. Steer Clear of Sensitive Topics

Maintain neutrality, without compromising your values, and avoid discussing sensitive subjects like past relationships, politics, or religion. Building a solid foundation of mutual respect and trust should precede delving into such topics.

10. Acknowledge Everyone's Nervousness

Remember that you're not the only one trying to make a positive impression. Your partner and their family also want the meeting to go well. Understand that your partner may act differently or feel anxious around their family as it can be triggering for many. Save discussions about politics, religion, money, and intimate matters for a later stage when you've built a stronger connection.

Stay positive and remember that it doesn't have to be flawless for you to fit into the family. Awkward moments are normal, so remain relaxed and authentic. Avoid assuming the worst and allow your bond with the family to grow gradually while presenting your best self.

The Bottom Line

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