how can i find out if my wife is bringing guys into our home when im at work

Bringing a lover or mistress into your home is not so much a daring game as it is actually on the verge of insanity. By bringing a lover into the house, you automatically take the relationship to another level, in addition to the trust that you express by such an act to the lover, you give him not only full information about yourself, but also trump cards that can be used against you, you must have boundless trust in this person, or boundless stupidity. 

Even if you fully trust your lover and your spouse is 100 percent on a long business trip, you may be spotted by "friendly" neighbors, acquaintances, not to mention that a smart, caring husband can detect cheating in the house, by any clue accidentally left behind, and a husband who suspects you even more so. 

But what do you do if you're overcome with suspicion that your wife is bringing another guy into your mutual home? How do you distinguish between obsessions bordering on paranoia and reality? Has your home, in fact, become the site of your betrayal?

The first step is to determine what's bothering you.

If you have suspicions that infidelity is happening in your home, first understand the reason for those suspicions. Such thoughts shouldn't just be caused by an obsession with total control or an unreasonable fear of being betrayed. Look for the facts, look for change, think about what it is that has led you to have these thoughts.

  1. Most likely you may have been alerted to changes in your wife's behavior. Pay more attention to this issue and just observe before you move on to any action.
  2. Your wife may have been spending more time on her appearance, putting on makeup at home, even though she's not going anywhere. She may have new underwear, or she may have bought new sheets, under the pretext of "needing to update the old ones."
  3. Also, it's worth paying attention to how often she asks you about plans for the day, the week. She wants to be aware of your schedule for no apparent reason. 
  4. Pay attention to the house, to the furnishings, perhaps something has changed. There are new things or vice versa, the old things disappeared, or things are not in their places. 
  5. Cleaning is an important aspect. Pay attention to whether the house has been cleaned more often, whether your participation in the process is blocked?

Step Two: Get to the action.

After conducting such an analysis, write down all the oddities that you managed to discover. If they have accumulated enough and you can not find an explanation, then it is worth it to increase vigilance and move on to action.

  1. Start asking more often how your wife's day was, pay attention to detail. How long she was at home or away, who she was talking to, what she was doing. Just don't turn into a domestic tyrant who doesn't give your wife a break, you're just trying to figure out if she's cheating on you or not, don't overreact. Questions should be natural and not intrusive, because if she cheats, immediately suspects something wrong, and if she is faithful, you risk ruining your relationship by causing righteous anger at yourself because of your distrust.
  2. Pay attention to your home, this time more thoroughly. Check your bedroom, linens, towels, inspect the bathroom. If an unauthorized man has been in the house, it will be noticeable. It might even be worth checking the garbage.
  3. Start coming home from work earlier, stop by the house for lunch. Start making surprise visits, say you'll be busy until late at night, and come back earlier yourself. But do not abuse this method, too frequent unexpected appearances, will make your spouse think twice.

Step three - dun or bust.

If the steps you took earlier did not bring results and you are still tormented by doubts, or say the opposite, you have identified confirmation of their doubts, but they are still indirect, then proceed to the most decisive actions. 

However, it is worth bearing in mind an important point, such actions can put a stop to your marriage, especially if your wife is faithful to you.

Let's start with a simpler one, "witness interviewing." Not literally of course, we're not investigating a crime after all, we're trying to figure out if the wife brings the other guy home. So, talk to your neighbors, casually, ask questions about whether they saw your wife at home on a particular day, whether the plumber you called long ago came by, or maybe say you were waiting for a delivery and are afraid your wife might have missed the delivery guy, whether someone came by. In general, ask questions carefully and cover the real motive with some mundane questions.

And of course, a pretty desperate move is to install video surveillance. There are a lot of hidden cameras these days that allow you to not raise suspicion, but still make sure your home is safe. Even a regular baby monitor camera, a video baby monitor, can help you solve this issue.

It is only important to decide where to install the camera, and probably better than one.

But remember, this is an extreme step, which is accompanied by a total distrust of your partner and a big interference in personal space.

Step four is an alternative solution.

A person doesn't have to do it in their home to cheat. All of these methods and actions may not bring results because the wife may not cheat on her territory. 

In addition, the actions previously described may end your relationship prematurely, especially if your wife loves you, treasures your relationship and does not cheat.

Of course, we can't always control the inner voice that keeps whispering to us about our wife's infidelity, cheating friends, or stirring our suspicions. We are all human, and we should not be ashamed or punished for such thoughts, we all have them, one way or another.

Therefore, in order not to suffer unnecessary suspicions and not to torture yourself, you can use an online tool that is specifically designed to find cheaters.

It will save a lot of time and will certainly be cheaper than installing hidden cameras. With its help, you can check wife on a dating site. It is very easy to use, just enter your partner's name and email address.

In addition, it is worth remembering that in today's world, you do not have to go somewhere to find a partner for cheating, it is not even necessary to proceed to physical intimacy. You can use, for example, Tinder, and start communicating there, exchange intimate photos. It is for such cases there is a product that performs a tinder cheater finder.

Whatever steps you take, whatever you choose, remember one thing - it is important to be happy and then you can make everyone around you happy. So if your relationship is causing you pain, making you doubt and suspecting your partner, you might want to consider letting go of the relationship and moving toward your happiness.

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