how do i find out whether my wife has a relationship with someone

There are jealous men as well as jealous women who, regardless of whether there is a reason or not, are jealous of their partner, as the saying goes, jealous "even to the wall. But when a well-balanced partner, who has not been observed outbursts of jealousy begins to suspect his spouse of adultery? Of course, when the behavior of the other half changes. Obviously, the cheater will consider herself the smartest and will do everything possible to ensure that the partner does not find out about the appearance of the third. But no matter how much even the most skillful actress tries, sooner or later there will be signs of adultery, especially if love, not just physical pleasure, is involved. 

There's someone new who your wife can't stop talking about.

Everyone knows that a person in love, thanks to hormones, actually changes on a chemical level, which cannot but affect his cognitive processes, attention, perception, which in turn manifests itself in thoughts and actions. It is very difficult for a woman in love to restrain the verbal flow associated with the object of lust, and now it has already poured out not only on her girlfriends, but she has no control over it at home, even in front of her spouse. This is especially noticeable if this third person is a good friend or family friend. 

The emotional distance between you began to grow.

Hearing from his partner about a wonderful someone, the man begins to feel that invisible emotional connection that exists between your woman and that ill-fated third person, and at the same time evaluating his relationship with his partner, he realizes that their emotional connection has long been broken, and the distance is increasing. 

People tend to become securely attached to each other over time, trusting each other with secrets, desires and other aspects of our lives. This process is known as building emotional intimacy. If your partner suddenly seems less emotionally vulnerable and intimate with you and doesn't seem to want you to be emotionally vulnerable and intimate with him, it's a clear sign that his attention has shifted - most likely to a lover or mistress.

 There is less discussion of meaningful things, decisions are already being made on their own, and there are no more meaningful things for the two of you, no more discussions, no more decisions. Warmth, tenderness, sensuality, and the desire to give pleasure and make your partner happy have disappeared. 

Your wife has started to pay more attention to her appearance.

  The woman is more and more concerned about herself and less and less about her spouse. 

It's the unexpectedly started:

  • exercising;
  • dieting;
  • talking about healthy foods;
  • beauty visits;
  • talking about changing the style;
  • new haircuts and new underwear, closet changes, etc.

All of this may be a sign that she is trying to seem more attractive to someone, perhaps certainly to her husband, but perhaps also to her love partner). 

Your wife has started to disappear suddenly and is always in a hurry.

She begins to stay late at work or school and come home later than usual, but at the same time may ask not to meet her for some reason. In addition, hobbies, gyms, cooking classes, etc. suddenly appear. 

Delays are not uncommon because of random meetings with classmates, classmates who "haven't seen for 100 years". 

 Any woman will hide the fact of cheating and will find a bunch of explanations why she is somewhere late or why someone is texting her at night. Frequent hits in the "dead zones" of the phone or phone glitches.

She has started talking about cheating more often.

Sometimes the cheater starts talking about cheating herself, as if probing the ground: What would you do if I cheated on you? Or they tell their partner stories about someone else's infidelity. 

Or more often from them you can hear jokes about cheating, for example, to the question "Where are you going, dear," you can hear "To my lover," or when will you be home? "As soon as my lover is satisfied."

Your spouse often withdraws large amounts of cash and has started to use credit cards less often.

Another sign of infidelity, can be unexplained spending, if there are strange payments on your partner's credit cards or on your bank accounts or your partner's accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts and suddenly there is less money, this is a possible sign of infidelity. If you ask your partner about these expenses and his or her answers seem wrong, it is likely that they are not true. Infidelity costs money: grooming, trips, wine and dinners, hotel rooms, etc.

She is less likely to keep her promises.

When a partner means something to a person, he will make every effort to keep his promises, and if he suddenly fails to keep his word or keep his promises, the thought of letting his lover down is very depressing.

Cheater is less concerned about the relationship, her primary task is not to get caught in the act of cheating, so often "failures of memory" about these promises, and the guilt is not so strongly oppressive. This undermines the confidence of the partner and contributes to even greater suspicion.

Postponing dinner, refusing to spend time together, forgetting to be on time for a meeting, on the one hand, and yet beginning to show great interest in schedules, possible business trips, and the business partner, on the other, would mean that it is time for reasonable suspicion.

Don't guess, just check.

Of course, all of these signs in combination are a great cause for suspicion. But what if only a few of the signs on the list are inherent in your wife's behavior? After all, your partner can just go to a cooking class or want to change her looks and go to the gym.

In order not to guess, not to become paranoid and not to ruin your relationship with unfounded suspicions, you can try to use various online services. 

In today's world, you don't need to hire a private investigator or follow your wife, check her pockets, belongings, and so on. It's enough to open an online cheater screening tool and try to find wife on dating sites.

The tool is very easy to use, you just need to enter the right parameters such as first and last name, email address and phone number. You can confidently try your luck, because iFindCheaters provides a free trial.

The tool also gives you a chance to try to find wife on Tinder, the largest and most popular dating app.

If the tool has not found your wife, after analyzing her behavior and finding explanations for some of the oddities in it, you can confidently say that you are married to an honest and faithful woman.

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