how to be a real man in a relationship 7 simple steps

7 Simple Steps to be a real man

Have you ever wondered if a "Real Man" truly exists? Some may believe he's a myth, while others may not want someone like him. But the truth is, many men who think they are a "Real Man" are often wrong. It's all about their actions. A "Real Man" behaves differently from the selfish frat boy types that are all too common. He's a true gentleman and not just for the first few months. When he's in a relationship, he does things so well that it's impossible not to notice and appreciate his efforts. So, if you want to know if you're with a "Real Man" or if you are one yourself, let's take a closer look at the qualities and actions that define a true gentleman.

1. A true man accepts and appreciates his woman just as she is

A key trait of a real man in a relationship is his love and respect for his partner just as she is. This doesn't mean he loves every single thing about her all the time, but he loves her for who she is as a person. He values her beyond just her physical appearance, possessions, or social status. A real man understands that physical beauty fades and focuses his attention on her inner beauty, including her sensibilities and personality. He treats her with dignity and respect, like a true lady deserves. He doesn't hesitate to show his love and care by cooking her favorite meal, taking her out for a romantic dinner, or taking care of the bills. At the same time, he expects to receive love and respect from his partner too.

2. A real gentleman fully commits to his relationship

Infidelity is not in his vocabulary. He understands that a healthy and strong relationship requires constant effort and hard work. He remains fully committed to his partner and shows his affection consistently. He strengthens and nurtures the relationship through open, honest communication and teamwork. When you are with a real man, you feel secure in the knowledge that he can be trusted. He remains faithful through thick and thin, and he expects the same from his partner.

3. A real man cares about his girlfriend's physical and mental health

A real man values the safety and well-being of his partner both physically and emotionally. Although a woman can certainly protect and defend herself, he is always there for her. He provides financial security and is a source of comfort, making her feel safe and secure. If the situation calls for it, he is willing to defend her from physical harm, but he thinks carefully before he acts. He never resorts to violence without careful consideration of all the details. He is deliberate and calculated in his actions. In his treatment of others, he is always considerate and kind, and abusive behavior is never an issue in his relationships.

4. A real man is emotionally and sexually satisfying to his partner

Although, a genuine man understands that a healthy relationship is not just about physical and sexual aspects. He values mental and emotional connection just as much. He spends quality time with his partner engaging in meaningful conversations about life, making future plans together, and sharing moments of laughter. He has an intellectual curiosity that makes him engaging and thoughtful. He knows how to fulfill his partner mentally and sexually, balancing between the two for a complete and satisfying relationship. With him, his partner feels intellectually and emotionally fulfilled, in addition to being physically satisfied.

5. A genuine gentleman is not afraid to take the first step and lead in the relationship

While his partner may pick out his pants, he takes charge in addressing any issues in the relationship head-on. He does not shy away from taking the lead because of fear of criticism. Instead, he seeks help or advice if needed, but ultimately makes the decision and takes action. He is confident in his ability to handle any situation that may arise and shows his partner that she can rely on him to be a strong leader in their relationship.

6. A real man is decisive and takes responsibility for tough decisions

He understands that indecision can harm a relationship and makes an effort to take the lead when necessary. He values his partner's input and considers her perspective when making decisions. He does not seek to control her, but rather seeks to improve their situation together. A man who is afraid of making mistakes and avoids making decisions can come across as cowardly and unappealing to his partner.

7. A true man defends his relationships

When your relationship is questioned or criticized by others, it can be tough. A real man knows this and stands up for his relationship. He defends the love he has for his partner and the integrity of their relationship, even in the face of inappropriate questions or comments from friends, family, or strangers. He doesn't shy away from expressing himself in front of others and takes pride in defending his woman. When he's with his peers, he acts like a grown man and doesn't let anyone undermine his relationship.


Being a "Real Man" in a relationship does not require showy behavior or promises that you won't keep. It's about always doing the right thing for your partner out of love and devotion. A gentleman appreciates his lady for who she is, is loyal and committed to her no matter what, watches out for her emotional and physical health, gives her what she wants in bed, makes the tough calls and stands up for his relationship. Now that you know what it means to be a gentleman in a relationship, you may be wondering what you can do to make sure your man is as loyal and honest as a "Real Man" tends to be. This is a good use for iFindCheaters. If you're worried that your partner is cheating on you, we can help you find out the truth and restore trust in your relationship. Our online service makes it easy to find any kind of online evidence of cheating. Using our tool, you can ensure that your partner is committed to your relationship and that you're both on the same page when it comes to building a healthy and happy partnership.

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