how to catch someone cheating on dating sites whats wrong with cheating apps

As technology improves, having affairs are easier than ever. Cheating apps are becoming more popular because they let people meet possible partners in a sneaky way. These apps come in many forms, from messaging apps with very secret features to dating apps that are only for having affairs with other people. Ever wondering how to bust a cheater right on those cheating apps? Let’s find out!


Cheating apps are chat apps for meeting people you want have an affair with. Often, they pretend to be innocent social or messaging apps, making them hard to spot. Cheating apps help hide messages, photos, and videos from partners. They often have secret messaging features, so if someone checks the phone, cheaters don't get caught. These apps also help set up secret meetings, share private moments, and plan getaways.

"Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr are all popular cheating apps for iPhone. They're all made for hookups and casual dates, and that should be a big red flag for you," says Jennifer Pearson, a dating expert.

Sure, some people use these apps to flirt or make friends, so not all of them are cheating. But if you think your partner's using one, talk about your concerns.


Wondering why cheating apps are trending? There are a few reasons. Firstly, they offer anonymity and privacy. With fake profiles, you can talk to potential partners without revealing your true self, making affairs easier.

Secondly, cheating apps are convenient: they offer a quick way to find partners from home.

Thirdly, cheating apps bring a thrill or excitement. The secrecy and forbidden nature of cheating can be exciting. But remember, while they offer a temporary escape, cheating apps can have serious consequences. Infidelity hurts relationships and causes emotional pain. Think about the outcomes before cheating, including using these apps.

Read on to find some free ways to bust a cheater online.


While the answer is often yes, not everyone using dating platforms is cheating. Data from YouGov shows that only 7% of people who've used dating apps had an intention to cheat. Many use these platforms for different reasons, like having fun (39%), curiosity (29%), or making friends (19%).

According to Choosingtherapy, there are 7 types of infidelity:

  • Physical infidelity.
  • Emotional infidelity.
  • Cyber infidelity.
  • Object infidelity.
  • Financial infidelity.
  • Micro-cheating.
  • Combined infidelity.

Ultimately, what's acceptable regarding a partner's presence on dating sites depends on individual boundaries. If your partner's online activity hurts you, it's understandable, as discovering their presence on dating platforms can be unsettling for most of us. Click here to catch a cheater, free of charge!


It's not as easy to find someone's dating profile, but if you want to play detective, pour yourself a glass of wine, relax on the couch, and read on!


The easiest way is to use their email address on the dating site login. Check popular ones like Tinder and Bumble, but don't forget platforms like POF, OkCupid, and Hinge. Look for error messages like "wrong password" to confirm an account. Alternatively, use the "forgot password" option; some sites may reveal if the email is associated with an account.


Use iFindCheaters to search by email across all dating apps. Keep in mind; this might not confirm a current account, as some people deactivate rather than delete. This is more effective for married individuals checking for any dating site activity.


Spy on your partner by creating an account using your name or a fake person. However, this can backfire, and your partner might discover your actions. Creating a fake profile can have legal restrictions, so if you go this route, search, and delete your account immediately.


Don't steal their phone; borrow it under the guise of making a quick call. Know how to search for apps on their phone. Check for cheating apps alerts on the lock screen or in the app list.


If you're convinced your partner is on dating sites but couldn't find their profile, confront them confidently. Use a line like, "My friend saw you on Tinder! Why would you do this to me?" Gauge their reaction in person for a more accurate assessment. Remember, cheaters may lie to cover their tracks, so be sure of your suspicions before taking action.

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