how to cheat and get away with it in 2023

In the past, the saying "Cheaters never prosper" might have been true, but in the 21st century, cheating is easier than ever thanks to technology advances.

In a time when technology is changing quickly, when artificial intelligence is thriving and shows like "Black Mirror" capture our attention, smart cheaters have found ways to make money off of the appeal of lying. Are you worried? Don't worry, because we've put together a list of ways that people with drifting eyes might be able to cheat and possibly not get caught.


1. Google Documents  

Google Docs, which lets people work together on writing projects and is easily accessible through web sites, has become a part of some unfaithful relationships without anyone's knowledge. Notably, Twitch user Lily "LilyPichu" Ki found out that her boyfriend was having an affair behind her back using Google Docs. A simple document was used to keep secret talks safe. This showed how tools that seem harmless can turn out to be double-edged swords.

2. Dual-Use Email Addresses

Using a different email address to talk in secret is an old trick that is still used. But a smarter way is to make a new email account that both partners can access with the same login information. The trick is to save emails in drafts, where they can be read and then deleted without leaving a trail. Additionally, no one would check their own email for suspicious activity.

3. Snapchat

Because Snapchat messages disappear quickly, it is still a popular way to talk in secret. When you end a chat, the messages disappear and leave no record. This makes it a good way to have private conversations.

4. Specialized Cheating Apps

There are a lot of apps that are made to keep things private and secret. Applications like Vaulty Stocks and Secret Calculator hide their sexual content by pretending to be stock market apps or calculators. Curious how to find out if someone has dating profiles? You can do a free checkup on your partner’s email.

5. Secret Cloud Folders

Cloud platforms are often used for legitimate reasons, but they can also be used for sneaky things. People are making private file folders where they share intimate photos and papers with their lovers. By turning off the program on their computers, they make sure that only people with the right credentials can use them.

6. TeamViewer for Remote Access

TeamViewer, typically utilized for IT-related tasks, holds untapped potential for secretive communication. Remote access allows messages and searches to be performed as if executed by the account holder, affording a veil of deniability.

7. Niche Chat Rooms or Forums

Niche groups are still very much alive and well in the online world. Cheaters can hide rendezvous details in plain sight in chats by using obscure usernames and having a lot of interactions, which makes it hard to notice.

8. Lesser-Known Chat Apps

Outside of the public, messaging apps like Telegram and Confide have grown in popularity because they can't be screenshotted. This unique feature keeps prying eyes away from the sender's messages, making it a safe place for private conversation.


I know it's uncomfortable, but let's acknowledge the reality: cheating exists, and technology has made it easier. As my colleague, @wilda-harrison said: "We shouldn't just talk about how to cheat without getting caught. Instead, we should talk about the problems in relationships that cause people to be dishonest."

If someone needs to use these methods, it means they have greater problems that need to be addressed. Instead of coming up with new ways to cheat on each other, let's work on making our relationships stronger."

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