how to say i love you in 100 different languages

How to Say I Love You in 100 Different Languages

We probably want to hear the phrase: “I love you,” but few people think about how these words sound in other languages. Sometimes you want to surprise and please your partner saying I love you in different ways.

Imagine how romantic it is to lie with your loved one in front of the fireplace when sparkling wine is poured into glasses, lean towards him, and whisper in his ear: “Te amo.” This is how “I love” is pronounced in Spanish. It’s great to know how these beautiful words sound in different countries and different languages.

How to Say I Love You in Europe

English is considered to be the most common language in Europe. It is understood by almost 65% of all Europeans. By the way, the German language, on the contrary, is widely used and is called the native language of 20% of Europeans. The third most popular language is French. Of course, in addition to genuinely European languages, you can often hear Chinese, Ukrainian, and other languages in European countries.

In addition to the official languages ​​of Europe, local dialects are also distinguished in their groups. In particular, the dialects of Catalonia's autonomous territory in Spain and several other states. Therefore, the linguistic diversity in Europe is numerous, which puts the population of this region in the first rank among multicultural states. So, how do you say I love you in Germany? Or how to say I love you in French? Let’s find out.

  • English = I love you; I'm in love with you.
  • French = Je t’aime; And a few more words in addition: Dear = Cheri (Cherie) or Ma puce.
  • Italian = Ti voglio bene/Ti amo; Bonus: Dear = Caro (Cara). If someone tells you “sei una ragazza di acqua e sapone,” take it as “you look like the girl next door!”
  • Spanish = Te quiero/Te amo; And also: My dear, my heart = Mi corazon; Sweet = Terron de azucar; I love you beautiful =Te amo, Hermosa.
  • Portuguese = Eu te amo; Extra bonus: Favorite = Querido or chuchu; I adore you = Eu adore voce; I have affection for you = Eu tenho carinho por voce.
  • German = Ich liebe dich
  • Norwegian = Jeg elsker deg.
  • Bulgarian = Obicam te.
  • Slovak = Ľúbim ťa.
  • Scottish (Gaelic) = Tha gaol agam ort.
  • Romanian = Te iubesc; I love you a lot = Te iubesc mult; I love you with all my heart = Te iubesc cu toata inima.
  • Finnish = Rakastan sinua.
  • Latvian = Es tevi milu.
  • Dutch = Ik hou van jou.
  •  Lithuanian = Aš tave myliu.
  • Ukrainian = Ya tebe lyublyu; Ya tebe kohayu.
  • Czech = Miluji tě.
  • Irish (Gaelic) = Gráim thú.
  • Maltese = Inhobbok.
  • Croatian = Volim te.
  • Serbian -= Volim te.
  • Greek = S'agapo; Love = Agapy.
  • Swedish = Jag älskar dig.
  • Polish = Kocham cię.
  • Estonian = Ma armastan sind.
  • Belarusian = Ja tabe kahaju.
  • Russian = Ya tebya lyublyu.
  • Catalan = T’estimo.
  • Welsh = Rwy’n dy garu di.

How to Say I Love You in Asia

In the Land of the Rising Sun, romantic relationships are taken just as seriously. Japanese people can go on dates but will not be considered a couple until someone proposes. The Japanese, like the Koreans, are very shy, and therefore they can confess their love with a hidden phrase. “Make me miso soup” is another way of saying, “Please, marry me.”

Chinese is recognized as the most popular and widespread language in the Asian region. This is because China is recognized as the most populous state. But Asian land also speaks Vietnamese, Japanese, Georgian, and other interesting languages. You already know how to say I love you in Spanish. Let’s find out how say I love you in Japanese.

  • Azerbaijani = Mən səni sevirəm.
  • Uzbek = Men seni sevaman.
  • Armenian = Yes sirum yem k’ez.
  • Bengali = Āmi tōmāẏa bhālōbāsi.
  • Burmese = Mainnkohkyittaal.
  • Bosnian = Volim te.
  • Mongolian = Bi chamd khairtai.
  • Vietnamese = Anh yêu em.
  • Georgian = Mikvarhar.
  • Kazakh = Men seni jaqsı köremin, My soul = Janım meniñ.
  • Nepali = Ma timīlā’ī māyā garchu.
  • Korean = Salanghae.
  • Thai = Chan rạk khuṇ.
  • Tahitian = Ua here vau ia oe
  • Urdu = Mai aap say pyaar karta hoo.
  • Kurdish = Ez hej te dikim.
  • Tibetan = Nga kayrang-la gawpo yuh.
  • Kannada = Naanu niAez dae warzyn.nna preetisuttene.
  • Turkish = Seni seviyorum; But you can complement to a girl saying Çok güzelsin.
  • Khmer = Khnhom​ sralanh​ anak.
  • Tamil = Nāṉ uṉṉai nēcikkiṟēṉ.
  • Hindi = Main tumse pyaar karta hoon; Mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya hai.
  • Hmong = Kuv hlub koj.
  • Tajik = Man tuyá nághz mebenám.
  • Japanese = Kimi o ai shiteru.
  • Chinese = Wǒ ài nǐ.
  • Mandarin = Wǒ ài nǐ.
  • Indonesian = Saya cinta kamu.
  • Pashto= Za ta sara meena laram.
  • Sinhalese = Mama oyāṭa ādareyi.
  • Persian = Duset daram.
  • Osetian = Aez dae warzyn.

How to Say I Love You in Africa

Africa is the second-largest continent in terms of territory and population. Different cultures, nationalities, and language groups are gathered on the mainland. There are 54 states in the region of Africa, which differ in many respects. According to linguistic experts, there are more than 2,000 national languages ​​and several global ones, such as English and French.

For guys from Africa, confession of love does not cause any difficulties – you just need to offer food from the same dish. And you can say nothing at all out loud.

  • Afrikaans = Ek is lief vir jou.
  • Zulu = Ngiyakanda.
  • Igbo = M saw me n'anya.
  • Yoruba = Mo ni ife ti o.
  • Sesotho = Kea u rata.
  • Somali = Waan ku zayido.
  • Swahili = Nakupenda.
  • Hausa = Ina son ka.
  • Tunisian = Ha eh bak.
  • Cheva = Ndimakukuna.
  • Lao = Khony hak chao.
  • Wolof = Nopp naa la.
  • Cambodian = Bon soro lanh oon.

How to Say I Love You in Latin America

In Latin America, it is customary to declare love through dancing and loud music. At the same time, guys can sometimes dance to the sound of drums at their beloveds' windows.

The most common languages ​​of South America are Portuguese and Spanish. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, about 50% of the continent's population. Spanish is the official language of most countries of this continent.

  • Spanish = Te quiero; I love you a lot = Te amo mucho; I love you to the moon and back = Te amo hasta la luna y más allá.
  • Portuguese = Eu te amo.
  • English = I love you.
  • French = Je t’aime.
  • Dutch = Ik hou van jou.
  • Norwegian = Jeg elsker deg.

How to Say I Love You in North America

Americans love surprises and surprises. They confess their love at baseball games, movie theaters, and graduation parties. Unlike the principled Japanese, in America, after a kiss, it is considered that lovers are already recognized as a couple. And you don't need official proposals – Americans don't like walking around.

The United States of America is a large multinational state in which almost the entire palette of the world's most widely spoken languages ​​is represented. As we have already mentioned, this language is the main one. 95-96% of the population speaks it fluently, and 82% consider it native. Every student generally knows that most Americans speak this language, which is unofficially called "American English."

  • American English = I love you; I'm crazy about you.
  • Inuit = Nagligivagit.
  • Siouan = Techihhila.
  • Spanish = Te quiero; I love you very much = Te amo mucho / te quiero mucho.
  • Hawaiian = Aloha au iā 'oe.
  • Chinese = Wǒ ài nǐ; My love = Wǒ de ài.
  • Japanese = Kimi o ai shiteru.
  • French = Je t’aime.
  • Icelandic = ég elska þig.

How to Say I Love You in Australia

Australians prefer to search for a partner via the Internet. For them, it is in the order of things. They do not need preliminary courtships or trips to a restaurant.

Australian English is a combination of regional English dialects by Australians and migrants. The Australian version of the language differs from British and American English, but not much. In addition to the indigenous peoples' languages, Australia's local population can also communicate in almost 10 main languages. In particular, Australians use Italian, Greek, Chinese, Serbian, Arabic, and other languages.

  • Aboriginal English = I love you; "I reckon I'm pretty fond of you"
  • Italian = Ti voglio bene.
  • Greek = S'agapo; Always in my heart = Pánta stin kardiá mou; I am in love with you = Eímai erotevménos mazí sou.
  • Tasmanian = Beauty = Lowanna-elapthatye;
  • Arrernte = Ayenge alhirreme ngenhe; My dear girl = Atyenhe akunye ampe.
  • Chinese = Wǒ ài nǐ; I like you = Wǒ xǐhuān nǐ.
  • Arabic = Ana behibek.
  • Indonesian = Saya cinta kamu.

Say these three magic words to your loved ones more often: “I love you.” The world around you will shine with new colors and become a little better.

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